The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 931

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 931 – Low-Level Game

Clayton laughed in a low voice and reached out to brush the hair behind her ears.

“I’ll do anything as long as it makes you happy.”

Nicole’s face heated up. Why was he saying words of love in public?

It was embarrassing!

However, she was unwilling to let him see how embarrassed she was. She looked up, a faint smile on her exquisite features.

“Even arson and m****r are fine?”

Clayton’s smile deepened at those words. “Sure. You’ll be the mastermind and I’ll be your accomplice.”

He followed her.

Nicole rolled her eyes. The gloom in her heart cleared away and she suddenly felt much more relaxed.

She put down the glass in her hand. “I’m going to the ladies.”

Clayton said, “Shall I accompany you?”

Nicole was speechless. “No. What am I, three?”

Clayton pouted. “I am.”

He did not want to leave her for a moment.

Fortunately, their previous relationship had always been good, so no one would suspect their relationship now.

Nicole did not want to be lovey-dovey with him here now. Many people were watching, and it was not time to go public yet.

She warned him not to follow and turned around to find the washroom.

When she came out, she suddenly bumped into a person.

What she saw was a light purple muslin dress.

It turned out to be a teenage girl.

The girl fell to the ground with the skirt and cursed indignantly.

Nicole pursed her lips and went over to help her up. “Are you alright?”

The girl was the one who bumped into Nicole, so Nicole did not need to apologize.

Of course, Nicole would not argue with her.

The girl looked at Nicole in a daze and appraised the dress she was wearing. Then, her face suddenly turned unpleasant.

Both of them wore the same color, but the girl’s dress was short and cute. It was form-fitting and even exposed her legs, revealing all the shortcomings of her body.

However, Nicole’s dress was elegant and long. At a glance, Nicole’s body looked slender, overwhelmingly better than the girl’s slightly chubby figure.

The girl angrily pushed Nicole away and stood up. Nicole smiled and walked away.

“You’re Nicole Stanton from Stanton Corporation?”

The girl suddenly spoke.

Nicole paused and looked back at her. “Yes.”

The girl did not say anything else and turned to leave.

Was she not going to the washroom?

Why did she run back again?

Nicole did not understand but did not ask either. In the long corridor, she watched the girl run into a room.

Then, the girl’s shrill voice started shrieking.

“You b*tch! Did you do it on purpose? Nicole is wearing the same color dress! Are you trying to embarrass me in front of so many people when I go out later?”

The next second, Nicole heard the sound of things breaking inside.

Nicole paused and suddenly realized that the girl was most likely the daughter of Golden Sea Corporation’s president. She was the birthday girl and star of today’s banquet.

What a coincidence.

“What? You saw her? How could I intentionally embarrass you? I didn’t know what color dress Nicole wore. I just felt that this dress is very suitable for you…”

Nicole’s eyes dimmed.

Oh, it was Ava’s voice.

“You’re still acting? The stylist said that you chose the dress for me. I was wondering why you were suddenly acting so kind. You’re trying to embarrass me to deal with Nicole, aren’t you? You can pretend to be an innocent and pure flower in front of my dad, but that doesn’t work on me! You b*tch! Get the h**l outta here!”

The girl shouted hysterically. She was really not afraid of being heard at all.

However, the amount of information in those words was too much.

It seemed like Ava was having an affair with the President of Golden Sea Corporation…


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