The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 925

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 925 – He Knows Everything

When Mitchell found out that the Stanton family sent a helicopter to pick Nicole up, he could not help but be speechless.

It was a huge sum of money. The cost of using a helicopter was much more than the money the Stanton family donated.

However, it was not hard to guess that the Stanton family obviously donated a lot. There were no splashes on the internet because they deliberately kept it on the down-low.

Eric’s eyes were deep in thought for a few seconds. The silver watch on his wrist revealed its edge, reflecting a cold light.

He raised his eyes and looked at Mitchell coldly.

“I’m asking about Nicole, not the Stanton family.”

Mitchel froze as his face changed slightly.

“Toto went to visit her. Ms. Stanton’s foot injury has recovered very well, and she has been discharged from the hospital.”

Eric stared at him intently and narrowed his incredibly icy eyes.

Mitchell closed his eyes. He could not hide it. The nature of his work did not allow him to hide anything from Eric.

“Also, according to reliable information, Ms. Stanton is already together with Clayton Sloan.”

This news was like a bolt from the blue. Eric’s face instantly turned dark, and a chill shrouded his whole body. The temperature plummeted.

The entire office was frighteningly cold.

It made people shiver.

Eric’s breathing grew heavy. His face was tight and angry as he gnashed his teeth. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Mitchell paused. “I’m sorry, President. It was something that already happened, so we… We didn’t know how to tell you…”

Eric swept the items on his desk to the ground. The expensive ornaments shattered to pieces in the blink of an eye!

It was a precursor of the upcoming storm.

“How dare you hide such an important matter from me?!”

Eric’s eyes were bloodshot and gloomy with suppressed and monstrous anger.

Mitchell pursed his lips and hung his head. “I’m sorry, President.”

Eric kicked the side table, extremely displeased.

He looked up. His eyes filled with ice.

“Mitchell, send in your resignation letter and f*ck off!”

Eric’s tone was extremely cold, not giving anyone a chance.

Mitchell’s face turned white as he looked at Eric. He wanted to say something but finally decided against it.

He had been with Eric for a long time and knew his temper.

Eric would not give anyone the chance to apologize, especially if it was an intentional mistake.

Mitchell closed his eyes. The back of his neck tingled, but he still bowed and nodded respectfully. “Yes, Mr. Ferguson.”

Then, his thin back turned to leave.

Eric picked up his coat and left, full of rage.

He went straight to Nicole’s original apartment.

Eric bought the upper and lower flowers. He did not believe that he could not block her.

His mind was blank. He had to ask her why she did this to him.

In just a few days, she fell in love with someone else?

Eric arrived at the apartment downstairs and got out of the car.

When he was at Nicole’s door, he suppressed his emotions and took a deep breath.

Just as he was about to knock, the door opened.

However, the person who came out was not Nicole. It was an ordinary-looking woman with thick make-up.

Her eyes lit up fiercely when she saw Eric.

“Mr. Ferguson?”

Eric’s handsome brows furrowed as his voice became frigid.

“Who are you?”

“I’m Joelle Simmons. I had the honor of attending an interview to be your company’s spokesperson before, but I didn’t fit your company image, so we couldn’t cooperate. Mr. Ferguson, we really are destined. I just bought the house, and you came over…”

Joelle gave him a flirtatious look.

Eric was extremely disgusted. “You bought the house?”

Joelle brushed her hair. “Yes, such a good location only sold for half the price. Of course, I can’t miss the opportunity!”

No matter how slow Eric was, he would not fail to understand that Nicole had sold this place.


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