The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 911

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 911 – She’s Serious

Clayton raised his brows. “Yvette said that Sean will pick her up. She wants to give him this opportunity, so she’s telling us not to wait for her and to go first.”

Nicole opened her mouth. “She’s not that kind of person!”

Yvette loved to play around but never put any man in her heart.

She just played with them in the palm of her hands. The only person who had touched her heart, Grant, came to a premature end, so why was she suddenly so keen on Sean?

Was she serious about him?

Clayton smiled. “Liking someone will change a person.”

His voice came from his chest, and Nicole felt her heart beat a little faster.

“Are you trying to say that you’ve also become unlike yourself?”

Clayton’s eyes flashed as he lowered his head to look at her while walking easily.

“You caught the point. How clever…”

Nicole paused slightly. “Now I’m a little curious. What were you like before, Mr. Sloan?”

Clayton stiffened for a moment. His voice was a little raspy. “You’ll have an opportunity to understand that later.”

He could not wait to bring his whole world to her.

However, he was afraid that she would not be able to accept it for now. He was scared that he would scare her off instead.

So, he would take his time.

Grant did not move when saw Clayton walking over to the helicopter with Nicole in his arms, but his mood became a little complicated.

Ian revealed a lot of news earlier, so Grant already knew that Nicole and Clayton’s relationship had changed dramatically in this short night.

It was no wonder that Ian, who was bent on usurping the position as his brother-in-law, did not even have a chance to perform.

Clayton arrived at the helicopter and nodded slightly at Grant.

Grant also nodded at him and walked over with a slightly sullen face.

“Running to the mountains to watch a meteor shower on a rainy day?”

Nicole smiled sheepishly and bit her lower lip. Grant was much more stern than Floyd.

“It’s all Carter’s fault for not keeping an eye on the weather forecast!”

Grant smiled coldly. “So, you followed his example and turned off your brain too?”

Nicole looked at him pitifully. “I’m an injured patient!”

Grant’s eyes fell on her gauze-wrapped feet. He paused as worry and anger flashed across his face.

Clayton’s expression was gentle, and his voice was neither servile nor overbearing as he spoke.

“Mr. Stanton, it’s natural for you to feel worried, but there’s a silver lining in this situation. Ms. Stanton has already reflected on her actions all night. It’s best if we can get her to a doctor soon. It seems like her tendon was injured…”

Grant walked up anxiously. “Her tendon was injured?”

That was no small matter.

Nicole looked at Clayton, who gave her a faint smile.

Grant was her eldest brother, so it was only natural for him to lecture her. No one had the right to stop him.

Clayton could only use other methods to divert his attention.

Sure enough, Grant fell for it.

As soon as he heard that it was a tendon injury, Grant became anxious and reached out to take her from Clayton’s arms. However, he was afraid that he would touch her injury if she moved.

Grant could only sigh and look at Clayton. “Mr. Sloan, then I’ll have to trouble you to carry her up. There’s a doctor inside.”

Clayton nodded and carefully climbed the steps.

As soon as they were in the helicopter, the airflow increased significantly, and the wind scraped their faces.

Grant also came up.

“Director Sven, I’ll leave my sister in your care…”

Director Sven was already old. He was drinking tea with Floyd when he was forcefully brought here by Grant.

He was the director of a hospital, but before that, he was just a medical specialist. He had nothing to do with orthopedics…

Why was an old man like him dragged over here?

Director Sven forced himself to look at the wound. “Let’s hurry to the hospital…”

He would not be able to tell like this unless he had X-ray vision.


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