The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 899

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 899 – Every Man for Himself

Eric’s dark eyes were sunken and cold, and there was a faintly suppressed indifference jumping inside.

“Forget about it? It took me so much effort for Nicole to improve her attitude toward me, but that woman stirred up some sh*t and made me lose everything! You want me to forget about it?!”

Eric could not suppress his emotions, so even his words had become impolite.

‘What a nosy smart*ss! She’s completely useless! This was the candidate recommended as the President of Cyndro International’s Asian region?’ Eric sneered. His eyes were cold and shady as he looked at Asher.

“What benefits did she give you for you to speak up for her so much? A brainless woman like that still wants to take charge of the Asian region? I didn’t let you sit in the position of Vice President of Cyndro International just to allow you to put your lover in a key position!”

At those words, the office instantly fell silent.

Asher’s face changed.

No one knew about Asher’s relationship with Ava.

Externally, they did not contact each other often, and he had a better relationship with the other candidate, Nash Jones.

How did Eric find out?

The trust that Eric put on him over the years got him carried away.

Asher thought that he was Eric’s confidant, but then he suddenly remembered that Cyndro International had cycled through so many vice presidents. How did that happen?

Asher’s face was pale, and he was just about to clarify his relationship with Ava.

Eric looked up coldly. “Do your job properly. Get out.”

Cyndro International was Eric’s. The power to oppose Eric’s decisions was never included in the authority that Eric bestowed upon Asher.

Asher pursed his lips and left without caring about his image.

Outside the door, Ava was still crying pitifully. She had not changed her clothes, and her hair was still sticky and reeked of red wine.

She looked pathetic and hateful.

“Mr. Sullivan, what did Mr. Ferguson say? Did you help me plead for mercy?”

Asher frowned impatiently. He knew Eric’s limits. Asher could not possibly ruin his future for a woman.

He glanced at Ava with dim eyes. “You’re on your own.”

Then, he lifted his legs and left, not wanting to stay a moment longer.

It was as if he was afraid that the next bad news would be his letter of dismissal.

Asher could not call himself a good person, but he was not a bad person either.

He was well-versed in the various rules of the workplace and knew the importance of protecting himself in critical moments.

Ava’s cries became even more miserable.

Not long after, Mitchell came out.

Mitchell looked at Ava without the slightest emotion in his eyes.

“Seeing as you worked for Cyndro International for so many years, Mr. Ferguson said that he will let you take the initiative to resign.”

“No… I really didn’t mean it. I can explain it to Nicole. You can’t fire me because of this trivial matter!”

Mitchell pursed his lips. “This isn’t a trivial matter, Ms. York. You just arrived in Mediania, and you dared to provoke Ms. Stanton without understanding anything. Did you really not expect yourself to fail?”

Ava was stunned.

Mitchell said, “It’s because you think that compared to Ms. Stanton, you’re much more important to Cyndro International.”

Ava snapped her head up.

That was indeed what she thought.

Ava did not expect that the situation would develop to a point where it was out of her control.

Mitchell’s smile seemed scornful.

“A lot of smart*sses think the same way. However, will Mr. Ferguson always value the benefits you bring to the company? To him, even Cyndro International and Ferguson Corporation combined can’t hold a candle to Ms. Stanton. I advise you to be smart and leave on your own accord. If Mr. Ferguson gets angry later, he has many ways to make you suffer until you doubt your life.”


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