The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 896

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 896 – My Heart Aches for You

Nicole went out. As the cold wind blew, her mind instantly calmed down.

She slowly exhaled a breath.

Fortunately, it was all settled.

If Eric still wanted to save his reputation, he should know how to back down and stop pestering her.

A hand suddenly stretched out beside her, holding a gray-colored men’s handkerchief. Its light fragrance was warm.

Nicole looked up at Clayton, who was silent but heartbroken.

Her words were blunt and unforgiving, but Clayton could feel that Nicole had mustered up a lot of courage to remove Eric from her life.

While Nicole was hurting Eric, she was also cutting herself with the knife.

It turned out that she still had feelings for Eric.

Clayton raised his head and gently wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes.

Nicole did not know when she started to shed tears.

Clayton sighed. “Nicole, if it’s too hard to let go of him, take it slow. My heart aches when I see you like this.”

Nicole’s eyes were still tinged red, but her face was already back to being bright and gorgeous. She smiled.

“I used to like him so much, after all. It took me a year to let him go, so that’s enough. I just acted more thoroughly today. Some things can’t be taken slowly.”

The slower it was, the more painful it felt. Nicole understood that feeling very well.

Clayton knew about Nicole’s past. Her feelings for Eric did not happen overnight. They were deeply rooted in her bones.

Nicole was confident in the Stanton family, but she was willing to be cautious with the Ferguson family. She was willing to change so much just for Eric.

The more Clayton understood this, the more his heart ached for her.

Nicole was much better after the divorce. She was bright, energetic, and confident. This was her true self.

Clayton lowered his eyes and smiled before opening the car door for her. “Do you want to go back to the office or go for a walk?”

Nicole got in. After she calmed down, she took out her phone and checked it. There were no messages from Grant, so there should be nothing urgent at the office.

“I want to see Yvette. Can you send me to her office?”

Clayton smiled. “Of course. I’d love to.”

On the road.

There was soothing music playing.

Nicole’s expression became unreadable.

Clayton had a smile on his face. Nicole glanced over and just so happened to catch this sweet smile.

She frowned. She could not pretend not to see it, so she could only ask him, “What are you smiling at?”

Clayton paused for a few seconds before he glanced at her.

“You want to know?”

Nicole nodded. ‘Why would I ask if I didn’t?’

Clayton’s voice was low, smooth, and warm. It was extraordinarily pleasant to her ears.

“Because I found that I’m not worthless in your heart.”

Nicole froze. Clayton smiled before he continued, “That woman thought I was your boyfriend, but you didn’t deny it. That’s the first time. She had ulterior motives towards me, but you taught her a lesson as my girlfriend. That’s the second time. In front of Mr. Ferguson, you personally admitted that I’m your boyfriend. That’s the third time.”

Nicole looked at Clayton in surprise. ‘Did I do that?’

Clayton’s smile was warm and confident.

“You admitted that I’m your boyfriend three times. Have you forgotten?”

As soon as he spoke, Nicole felt some heat on her face. ‘I forgot!’

At that time and in that situation, Nicole only did what she had to so that she could deal with others. How could she admit it?

Clayton smiled. “You’re hinting to me that I can pursue you openly!”

She admitted it first, so he was not worried about her getting angry.

Nicole turned away and looked outside the window. The roadside scenery flashed by, and the snow melted as the temperature gradually rose.

The corners of her mouth curled in a smile.

“Sure, but earlier… It was only because of the circumstances. Don’t take it too seriously!”


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