The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 892

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 892 – Who Sent You?

Ava looked up in surprise.

The next second, Nicole poured the red wine she was holding on Ava’s delicate hair. The wine slowly dripped down onto Ava’s beautiful dress.

Ava instantly felt wretched and sticky.

Ava’s face paled as she let out a cry and took a step back.

Then, she glared at Nicole.

Nicole smiled and spoke with a cold and indifferent tone.

“Since you know that he’s someone else’s boyfriend, who are you trying to hook up with? Does it feel good when you get a sense of accomplishment from challenging someone’s limit?”

Ava’s face turned cold, and her charming look faded. There was just a strange emotion in her eyes.

“Nicole, you… You’ve misunderstood. How would I intentionally hook up with your boyfriend? We’re classmates. I just…”

Nicole’s gaze was cold and sullen. She impatiently interrupted Ava’s words.

“Please do your homework before coming here. I was the only girl in my class. Where did you come from?”

The atmosphere was instantly silent.

Ava thought that with how infrequent university students interacted with each other, it was normal not to remember the names of people in the same class.

Thus, using the identity of a fake classmate was the best disguise.

Ava said, “I was from another class…”

She still tried to be stubborn.

Nicole looked at her coldly, and Ava felt a chill as though her thoughts were being seen through.

“With how many wrinkles you have, you must be in your thirties, right? You would have to be held back around six to seven years to be my classmate, Ms. York.”

Ava shut her mouth. Her face was a little white. ‘Nicole is different from what I imagined. She’s too difficult to deal with! It was no wonder that Eric Ferguson tried so hard but never succeeded with her!’

Ava wiped the red wine that dripped on her eyelids and remained calm.

“Even if we aren’t classmates, can’t we be friends? Why are you being so aggressive, Nicole?”

‘Aggressive?’ Nicole sneered as her eyes flickered.

“Friends? You’re ugly, stupid, and poor. How can you be friends with a kind, beautiful, generous, and rich person like me?”

Ava’s face stiffened and her mouth trembled, not knowing what to say.

To the side, Clayton could not help but smile. ‘Nicole is just telling the truth!’

Nicole lowered her eyes to size up Ava and asked in a clear and cold voice, “Who sent you?”

At those words, Ava’s face changed dramatically.

How could she have appeared without any purpose?

Was she only trying to seduce Clayton or was she trying to seduce the men around Nicole?

Ava pursed her lips and took a step back.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying. Since you’ve humiliated me so much, I have nothing else to say to you. Goodbye.”

Ava turned to leave, but Nicole would not let her off the hook so easily.

Nicole reached out and grabbed Ava by the collar. With a little force, Nicole pushed Ava to the side against the wall.

There was a muffled thump as Ava’s head hit the wall.

Ava was pale. “Wh-What are you doing?!”

Nicole laughed. Her movements were imposing and threatening as she grabbed onto Ava tightly.

“I’m no gentleman, and I can hit a woman…”

Nicole clasped Ava’s neck with one hand, making it so that Ava could not move.

Nicole smashed the wine glass with her other hand against the wall.

The sound of glass shattering made Ava’s body stiffen. Nicole pointed the remaining shards in her hand at Ava’s face…

Ava panicked.

“Wait… Nicole, I’ll tell you whatever you want to know!”

Ava was about to be promoted. How would she mingle around if she got a scarred face?

The fierce ruthlessness in Nicole’s eyes made Ava’s heart tremble with fear.

Ava was afraid that Nicole would really cut her face.


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