The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 889

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 889 – Your Boyfriend

Nicole nodded in confusion. She really did not remember.

Ava York already sat down opposite her. The corners of her seductive eyes curled up and could hook people’s souls away.

Ava smiled generously, with an indomitable and strong temperament. “What a coincidence. I didn’t expect to meet you here. It’s been a long time since I’ve met an old classmate.”

Nicole smiled politely and said nothing.

The waiter served her lemonade. Nicole looked at Ava and asked, “Are you here for lunch too?”

Nicole implied that Ava should leave.

Strangers would affect her appetite

Ava nodded. “Yes, I just transferred to Mediania for work and I’m not familiar with this place. Fortunately, I met you. Have you ordered? Let’s eat together. This meal is on me…”

Nicole frowned and watched as Ava started to tell the waiter to get the menu.

The only people Nicole met who were so naturally friendly with strangers were always actors.

Ava ordered several signature dishes and handed the menu to Nicole. “What do you want to eat? Don’t hold back. I told you that it’s my treat!”

Nicole paused. She felt that there was something off with Ava, so she decided not to be polite.

She blinked and looked at the waiter.

“Give me everything on the menu…”

Ava’s expression changed for an instant. “You’re eating so much?”

Nicole explained softly, “I came here with a colleague. If you do mind, then I’ll pay instead.”

Since Ava already said that she would pay, how could she go back on her word?

Ava felt a sudden ache in her heart. ‘A trust-fund baby is really different… Nicole didn’t even glance at the prices.’

“Of course, I don’t mind. We haven’t seen each other in so long, so it’s only natural that I treat you and your colleagues to a meal.”

Nicole’s gaze flickered. She looked at Ava warmly and smiled.

The clothes Ava was wearing also started at five figures, so she did not seem to be short of money.

Her makeup was exquisite, and it was clear at a glance that she came prepared.

A woman’s most direct weapon was their bag. Since Ava was so meticulous in her preparation, she would definitely bring her most expensive bag.

The bag Ava was holding was the latest model from XN, worth seven figures.

However, compared to Nicole’s eight-digit Hermes, it was not even worth mentioning.

After being in this circle for a long time, Nicole could tell a person’s identity just by their bag.

Ava did not talk like an ordinary socialite. She was calculating, shrewd, and knew when to be generous and when to hold back.

If Nicole had not grown up following Floyd and Grant’s words to observe people carefully, she would have liked this naturally friendly Ava very much.

Unfortunately, Ava was exposed the moment she appeared…

Nicole looked down and sent a message to Logan, asking the secretary department to come over for lunch.

Logan replied excitedly, “We’ll be right there!”

Ava was about to say something when Clayton arrived.

“I was only a little late, but you already met a friend?”

Clayton stood beside Nicole and patted her shoulder.

Nicole smiled and took the seat inside to make room for him.

Ava stood up in surprise and tried to shake his hand.

“Hello, I’m Nicole’s classmate. Are you her boyfriend?”

Out of politeness, Clayton simply touched her hand before shrinking back, not wanting to keep in contact with her a second longer.

Ava did not find it awkward. “Wow, your boyfriend is so handsome. What does he do?”

Clayton paused and looked at Nicole.

Nicole said with a smile, “Ms. York just returned to Mediania and doesn’t know much about local affairs.”

She looked at Ava and did not explain her relationship with Clayton.

Clayton smiled modestly and was very polite.

“I just run a small business. It’s not worth mentioning.”

Ava sighed quietly. “Bosses like you two really have it good, unlike people like me, who still have to work for others. Nicole came from a rich family and only needs to think about how to spend money when she wakes up every day. As for me, I have to think about going to work to make money to support the family. It’s really miserable having to continuously read social cues and advance step by step…”


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