The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 881

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 881 – Too Much Information

Seeing Nicole fall silent, Clayton pursed his lips.

“I’m sorry. I’m not trying to force you into anything, but you promised me that you’ll give me a chance. You… Won’t go back on your word, right?”

Nicole bit her lower lip and suddenly felt her face b**n up a little.

She thought it might be because of the lack of air circulation in the confined space of the car.

“I won’t.”

She answered quickly and immediately changed the topic.

“Mr. Sloan, aren’t you curious about how Asher and I met?”

Clayton paused and smiled. “How did you meet?”

Nicole was eager to make the atmosphere casual and normal again, so she simply spoke of the past.

“Asher was just a low-level manager in Cyndro International a few years ago. I worked under him when I was interning abroad.”

Clayton looked at her in surprise.

There was too much information in her words.

With her background in Stanton Corporation, did Nicole still need an internship?

Did Asher become the Vice President of Cyndro International in just a few years?

However, Asher did not know Nicole’s true identity.

“But looking at your relationship, you don’t seem like old friends…”

Nicole raised her brows and snorted coldly.

“He’s indeed capable, but he’s the type to climb to the top by hook or by crook. I attended a party with him before. His partner obviously didn’t have good intentions and tried to make me drink. Asher actually encouraged it as well. Heh… This kind of person is completely unscrupulous. How can I be friends with him?”

It was no wonder that her attitude toward Asher tonight was not warm and familiar but somewhat contemptuous instead.

Clayton pursed his lips, his voice low and gentle. “Then what happened? You didn’t drink, did you?”

There was obvious concern in his voice.

Nicole said, “I suspected that the glass of wine was spiked. Not only did I not drink it, but I also splashed the wine on his face in front of everyone, resigned on the spot, and left.”

Clayton inclined his head to look at Nicole. He raised his brows, and his tone was extraordinarily relieved.

“As expected of Ms. Stanton. Areal warrior should dare to draw their sword!”

What she did was clearly very satisfying.

After all, Nicole did not go to Cyndro International to beg for food. She went there to learn.

If all she learned was d***y trading methods, it would just be a waste of time for her to stay.

How could she, a high-society lady from an affluent family, suffer through such unspoken grievances?

Nicole also smiled and became slightly surprised.

“How did a person like that manage to become Vice President?”

The Vice President of Cyndro International was not just the vice president of a certain region, but the person who was above everyone else in the whole company.

The speed at which Asher rose in the corporate ladder was like he was strapped to a rocket.

Clayton smiled. “If he’s a person who can bring huge benefits to the company, few people will pay attention to his private life. Also, Asher’s reputation in the circle isn’t bad. Although he’s shrewd and scheming, he’s also very generous.”

Seeing the change in Nicole’s expression, Clayton immediately changed his tune.

“Maybe everyone just saw what he’s like on the surface, but you saw his true colors!”

Nicole’s expression looked better, feeling satisfied with Clayton’s correction.

She nodded with certainty. “That’s right!”

That must be it!

When they arrived at the movie theater, Clayton told her to wear his jacket.

Nicole thought about it and nodded in agreement for fear of freezing to d***h.

She turned the collar up, which covered half of her face.

This way, no one would recognize her.

Clayton saw her huddled in his jacket and smiled helplessly before he went to buy tickets.

He came back in less than two minutes.

Nicole’s wide eyes looked around at the popular movies’ posters. They all looked good.

Clayton tugged at her empty sleeve and walked forward. “Only one film is still showing now.”

So, there was no choice.


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