The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 876

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 876 – Another Trap

Everyone was shocked.

Old Master Ferguson frowned. “The President of Cyndro International is here?”

He had clearly only heard about the Vice President, Asher Sullivan, coming to Mediania.

The President of Cyndro International was mysterious, and very few people had met him. All of Cyndro International’s matters, whether large or small, were handed over to professional agents.

However, those professional agents acted in accordance with this mysterious president’s intention.

Unqualified agents who had been working for them for several years would be replaced directly.

That was until Asher was accepted. He stayed in the position of Vice President for the longest time.

Therefore, the name Asher Sullivan of Cyndro International was well known in the industry.

Asher could fully represent Cyndro International. Everyone was interested in the person behind Cyndro International, but they could not figure it out.

Therefore, when Asher suddenly announced the presence of Cyndro International’s President, everyone’s curiosity grew even greater!

No one expected that the mysterious president would actually appear.

The atmosphere was tense and uneasy.

“Mr. Sullivan, is the president really here?”

“Will Cyndro International start expanding in Mediania’s market?”

“I heard that their president is very mysterious, and people staying in the company might not see him for the entire year. The president will only directly contact the vice president…”


In the face of various expressions, Asher smiled faintly and remained calm.

He nodded slightly and answered Old Master Ferguson’s question.

”Yes, our president is here. When he learned that Old Master Ferguson was willing to transfer your shares to Cyndro International, he was very happy. From now on, Cyndro International and Ferguson Corporation are a family…..”

Old Master Ferguson’s expression changed a few times and became slightly gloomy.

He interrupted Asher’s words and spoke bluntly.

“Where is he? Why don’t you invite him up?”

Asher smiled.

He took a step back, stepped aside, raised his hands, and looked at Eric.

“He’s right here, isn’t he, President Ferguson?”

As soon as his words fell, the noisy voices in the room instantly fell silent.

Even a pin dropped to the ground could be heard clearly.

On the stage, Old Master Ferguson’s expression turned incredulous and was a little hideously twisted.

The people below also looked at Asher’s news in disbelief.

“Cyndro International belongs to Mr. Ferguson?”

“Mr. Sullivan, are you mistaken? Mr. Ferguson is the President of Cyndro International?”

“Yeah, how could that be? Old Master Ferguson sold his shares to Cyndro International, but they still ended up in Mr. Ferguson’s hands?”

“That‘s right, why not just give the shares to Mr. Ferguson then? What was the point of the whole detour?”


The people began to whisper and discuss…

Nicole stood there. Her expression much calmer after she got past the surprise.

The President of Cyndro International was Eric Ferguson. This was someone that no one expected.

However, after knowing this fact, it was not unacceptable.

After all, the capital behind Eric was not just Ferguson Corporation, and his capabilities were by no means limited to Ferguson Corporation.

She had a lot of assets abroad too, much less other people.

However, it was certain that Old Master Ferguson did not know about this situation at all!

Perhaps Old Master Ferguson thought he dug a hole for Eric, but in fact, it was Eric who set a trap for Old Master Ferguson.

The people below were still whispering. On the stage, Old Master Ferguson lost his patience and spoke with an agitated and impolite voice.


Everyone instantly became quiet.

Old Master Ferguson turned to look at Asher, his cloudy eyes shining with a hint of ruthlessness.

“Mr. Sullivan, what did you mean by that? What does Cyndro International have to do with Eric?”


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