The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 875

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 875 – The End of a Frivolous Man

Anyone could see that this was Old Master Ferguson’s revenge on Eric.

Eric could force Old Master Ferguson to leave, but he could not force him to dispose of his shares.

This matter also made people wonder if Eric’s domination in the business world had come to an end.

“Next, please welcome Cyndro International’s Vice President, Mr. Asher Sullivan to reach a friendly agreement with us on behalf of Cyndro International!”

Old Master Ferguson stretched out his hand, and an unfamiliar but handsome face appeared from one side.

Asher Sullivan.

Nicole narrowed her eyes. If she was not mistaken, she had worked for Asher when she was abroad as an intern.

However, Asher was just a department manager at that time. She did not expect him to become a vice president so soon!

Nevertheless, his ability was outstanding, so it was only a matter of time before he made a name for himself.

Without thinking much, Asher stood on the stage, smiling quietly no matter how many eyes were staring at him, and shook hands with Old Master Ferguson.

Then, the scene was silent.

Everyone was waiting for the match between Asher and Eric.

Nicole felt that something was wrong.

According to Eric’s character, he would not let the situation go this far.

Old Master Ferguson showed his equity transfer agreement in full view of everyone so that Eric could not make a single move.

He wanted to make it so that Eric had no chance to fight back and let everyone know that his shares were sold to Cyndro International.

Eric was confident, right?

He would teach that self-righteous and frivolous Eric Ferguson a lesson. He was the one who gave Eric his position in the beginning, but Eric dared to fight against him now that he became fully-fledged? This was the consequence of his actions.

Then, Old Master Ferguson smiled meaningfully.

“Eric, you’re still young, so you need to learn more from Mr. Sullivan and Cyndro International. You’ll be cooperating with them for a long time to come, so come up and say a few words…”

He wanted to let everyone know about Eric’s current situation!

With those words, he let everyone know that Eric was not as good as Asher.

Eric lifted his eyes, his expression sullen and cold, and his gaze dark.

The aura around him was cold and indifferent as always with a noble air.

Under everyone’s gaze, he finally put down the glass in his hand and walked up with his long legs.

UnexpectedIy, when Asher saw Eric, he first smiled and moved so he no longer stood at the main position. He held out his hand respectfully.

“It’s been a long time, Mr. Ferguson.“

Eric’s eyes were dim as he shook hands with Asher. His voice was low and hoarse, just enough that the three people on the stage could hear him.

“Mr. Sullivan, I told Mitchell to pick you up. How did you end up with the Old Master?”

At those words, Old Master Ferguson smiled smugly.

Asher shrugged, looking indifferent.

“I’m here anyway, so it doesn’t matter who I come with!”

Eric withdrew his hand. His figure was tall and upright as he stood there intimidatingly.

On the stage, there was no doubt that Eric was the most attention-grabbing person.

Although in everyone’s eyes, he was being caught between a rock and a hard place, his status and aura had already overpowered everyone.

“Yes, it’s all the same.”

Eric’s lips curled in a cold and wicked smile. He looked at Old Master Ferguson meaningfully.

Old Master Ferguson’s heart thumped when he saw Eric’s smile, and his expression froze.

Eric’s tone was cold and indifferent as he turned his head to look at the guests.

“I believe that Cyndro International will be able to cooperate well with Ferguson Corporation.”

That sentence undoubtedly acknowledged Cyndro International’s status and qualifications in Ferguson Corporation.

Asher smiled and walked over. Looking at everyone, he spoke in a voice that did not seem as light as before.

“Of course. Let me introduce to you all, the President of Cyndro International…”


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