The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 870

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 870 – Exceedingly Fond of Her

Floyd coughed and got down to business.

“Aida, you’ve known Grant for many years, and we trust your character, so no one in our family will object to you two being together.”

Nicole nodded and Kai ate his dessert in silence.

Aida straightened up, maintaining a gentle smile as she looked at Floyd.

“Thank you, Uncle Floyd.”

Floyd pursed his lips. “However, I remember that you’ve stayed abroad for several years, and your career is booming. If you get married, what are your plans for the future?”

That was Floyd’s key question.

He did not mention the past. No matter when Aida dumped Grant and how much she had hurt him, he could laugh it off.

However, the future must be clearly stated.

In the end, Grant was his firstborn son, so he cared about Grant the most.

It was his first experience as a father, so he was afraid that Grant would go astray if he spoiled him too much. However, he was also afraid that Grant would be traumatized if he was too strict.

In any case, he grew up with trepidation.

Aida looked at Grant and smiled.

This question was not too difficult for her. She also knew that the Stanton family was wealthy. Although there were not that many rules, they would not accept just any random person.

“Uncle Floyd, Grant already accompanied me abroad to transfer my company to Mediania a few days ago. I’ll be handling work-related matters locally from now on. Although I don’t intend on giving up my job, we are ready to welcome a small family.”

Floyd hesitated for a moment and seemed very satisfied with this answer.

’Very well. Although our family doesn’t lack money, it’s also a kind of enjoyment and challenge to life for women to work in the industry. You can do as you please.”

His words meant that he approved of Aida.

Aida smiled. “Yes, Grant always mentions that although Nicole is a girl, her ability in the business world is something that can surpass all the men on the top of the pyramid.”

Floyd smiled proudly at the words.

“Hahaha, she’s not that amazing. She’s just a child playing around.”

Nicole looked at Grant in surprise.

Grant smiled without a change of expression. She did not know if those words really came out of his mouth or not.

However, Aida did indeed have high EQ and a good personality, so it was no wonder that Grant liked her so much.

The meal was very harmonious.

After lunch, Floyd invited Aida to visit his fish pond to make a good impression on her.

Aida agreed with great interest.

Nicole planned to talk to Grant about Ferguson Corporation’s party, so Grant told Kai to follow them.

Lest Floyd dragged Aida into fishing and ended up fishing the whole day…

Nicole held a cup of milk tea and looked at Grant.

“Big Brother, do you think I should go?”

Grant pondered for a moment. “Before Old Master Ferguson and Eric fell out, there was the matter of Old Master Ferguson’s resignation from the board of directors. There’s no guarantee that it’s unrelated to this matter.”

“But Eric is already in charge of Ferguson Corporation. It’s useless for Old Master Ferguson to do anything…”

Grant narrowed his eyes and shook his head with a stern and cold face.

“That’s not necessarily true. Old Master Ferguson still has shares in his hands.”

Although the shares did not amount to much, it would be very easy to make a fuss out of them.

Nicole also thought about it, but she could not figure it out no matter how she tried. Could Old Master Ferguson actually drive Eric out?

If he could not, then it was useless.

Eric’s foundation today was not just Ferguson Corporation. The power he had behind him was unimaginable.

“Eric is probably not the person who’s hosting this party, but there should be many people invited.”


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