The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 859

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 859 – My Limit

Nicole reached out, wanting to do it herself.

Beside her, Clayton quietly walked over. “Let me.”

His face was as gentle as usual.

However, Nicole did not feel the slightest warmth.

She subconsciously dodged, and Molly did not let go either.

“I’ll do it instead. I’m more experienced in drying hair!”

Clayton was speechless.

Ten minutes later.

When Nicole’s hair was dry, Yannick walked in. ”Ms. Stanton, please come again anytime…”

Nicole smiled. ”My friend has an annual card here. Please look after her.”

“Of course, of course.”

The beads of sweat on Yannick’s head were as large as beans, but he still endured the pain and smiled.

How dedicated.

Nicole said, “Go see a doctor. A dislocation will heal with around two days of rest.”

Yannick’s face stiffened as his smile became slightly guilty.

He had been thinking about going easy on her, but he ended up having his arm dislocated by the delicate young lady.

That was so embarrassing!

The three people left the place. Clayton’s eyes darkened when he saw that her expression was off. He pulled open the car door.

Nicole paused. “I need to send Molly back to the office. You should go back to work, Mr. Sloan.”

Clayton froze. He was not stupid, so he could feel the sudden alienation from Nicole.

Molly happily got into Nicole’s car.

She matched Nicole’s rhythm.

Clayton’s expression changed slightly. “Are you angry?”

Nicole raised her eyes. She was not angry.

Why would she be angry because Clayton deliberately targeted Eric?

Logically, she should be on Clayton’s side.

They had more common interests.

However, she admitted that she felt very uncomfortable.

She smiled. “Why should I be angry?”

“Because I deliberately let Mr. Ferguson misunderstand our relationship.”

Clayton spoke bluntly.

Did that not mean that Nicole was still hung up about Eric?

Was that not why Nicole got angry when Clayton deliberately led Eric to misunderstand?

Why would she care about that if she did not like him?

Nicole’s smile was slightly cold.

“Mr. Sloan, Eric and I are something of the past. There’s no need for others to verify anything. I’m uncomfortable because you’re using me to provoke him.”

She was not dumb. It was not like she could not tell.

If it were just a contest between their relationships, Clayton would not disregard her feelings.

It was because he was taking revenge.

Well, no matter how perfect a person was, he was still a human. He had selfishness and could feel both happiness and anger.

Clayton’s heart still bore grudges against Eric for using public opinion to a****k him back then.

He was just looking for an opportunity.

However, no matter how he searched, Eric’s only weak point was Nicole.

Clayton thought that Nicole would not be able to tell.

He thought that Nicole would play along with him.

However, she was too sharp. She saw through the little selfishness in his heart.

Clayton’s expression was complicated, and he did not know what to say for a while.

The next second, Nicole smiled sincerely and naturally.

She relieved his embarrassment.

“It’s fine. We’ve known each other for so long, so it’s natural that we use each other. How could I forget that you’ve always helped me?”

Clayton suddenly looked up. Nicole’s smile was bright and perfect, and he could not see any anger from her expression at all.

Her tone was gentle, and her eyes were sincere.

“Don’t take it to heart. Eric isn’t my limit. Goodbye, Mr. Sloan.”

Clayton visibly froze, his dark eyes gazing deeply at her back.

Eric was not her limit, but it meant that he had tried to cross her limit.

She was too smart.

Clayton instantly regretted that he overstepped his boundaries.

It was not easy to gain a little trust from her, but he wore it away so easily.

Clayton clenched his fingers until his knuckles turned white, and his expression also sank.


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