The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 858

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 858 – Their Relationship

Eric’s expression darkened visibly, and a coldness instantly spread around his body.

He turned his head, his black eyes staring at Clayton.

Eric looked at Clayton like he was looking at an opponent, alert and full of bloodlust.

Clayton also saw Eric. His face froze faintly before he smiled warmly.

“What a coincidence. You’re here too, Mr. Ferguson?”

They had not seen each other since the last time Eric made some small moves online specifically targeting Clayton.

Nicole looked at the aura of these two men and saw that something was off. She wondered why Clayton had suddenly appeared.

Molly walked out from the end of the corridor leisurely and waved. “Has Mr. Sloan come to pick you up? He just called to ask me…”

Oh, so it was Molly.

Yannick did not expect this scene to happen in his gym.

’Did I just shoot myself in the foot?’ Yannick thought.

Eric’s eyes were dark and deep, and the aura around him suddenly became chilly.

Clayton Sloan was the person he wanted to get rid of.

Nicole pursed her lips and walked over.

“You haven’t left yet, Mr. Sloan?”

“I wanted to wait for you to have dinner together…”

Clayton smiled gently and casually took the bag from her hand.

It was such a casual and thoughtful move as if he was a good man carrying his girlfriend’s bag.

That scene pierced into Eric’s heart when he saw it.

His breathing became slightly heavier.

’Did their relationship progress to this extent?’

Nicole did not plan to agree to have dinner with him, but he had already taken the stuff from her hands. If she refused him in public, it would be the same as a slap to his face.

She smiled and was just about to walk out when her wrist was pulled.

The grip was extremely strong.

Nicole looked over and saw Eric’s cold eyes and his handsome but gloomy face.

His grip tightened and his gaze was dark and bloodthirsty.

“What is your relationship with him?”

Eric’s question came without warning as if he was anxious to know the truth.

He knew very well that the truth was something he did not want to hear.

His blood surged with rage as he looked at Clayton. His eyes were faintly tinged with darkness.

Clayton’s aura was not as overbearing and cold as Eric’s, but his warmth and modesty made it so he was not disadvantaged at all.

Clayton smiled calmly at the words.

“I’m afraid you wouldn’t want to hear the answer, Mr. Ferguson.”

Those words were undoubtedIy like an iron lid sliding into place.

Clayton was not telling the truth, but he was not lying either.

He was deliberately misleading Eric.

Clayton watched as Eric lost his temper, composure, and rationality.

How satisfying!

Nicole raised her eyes in surprise. She looked at Clayton and opened her mouth, wanting to explain.

However, she did not say anything.

The atmosphere was stagnant and became cold.

Some time passed.

Nicole thought that Eric would do something irrational, but he slowly let go of her hand.

She looked to the side. Eric’s face was cold as frost, and his pupils permeated with iciness.

However, he withdrew his hand silently. His dark eyes gazed deeply and quietly at Nicole.

His voice was so deep that it was raspy.

Slowly, he said, “Blow dry your hair before you go. It’s too cold outside.”

Nicole was speechless.

Then, he took a deep look at Clayton and left the place.

Yannick hurriedIy followed to send him off, not daring to be negligent.

Nicole looked at his back. For some reason, she felt like her heart was pinched.

There was a deep and vague prickling feeling in her heart as if needles were poking her chest.

It was a very unpleasant feeling.

What did he mean by that?

Clayton also froze for a moment, his dark expression unreadable.

To the side, Molly was not slow to react and took the towel handed over by the staff to wipe Nicole’s hair.

”It’s indeed quite cold outside.”

Nicole’s face went white before it returned to normal.


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