The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 856

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 856 – Look Down on Him

Nicole was speechless. Spending tens of thousands to come to the gym just to meditate?

Yannick finally reacted and gave an enthusiastic introduction.

“This guru is an enlightened monk from the mountains, and his meditation experience is unparalleled in this world. There is no truth in this world that is impenetrable to him! You’re his first student!”

Molly was very happy. She finally found a sweat-free sport!

Immediately afterward, Yannick had someone send Molly to the “meditation room”.

“What would you like to do, Ms. Stanton?”

Yannick thought that she would choose light exercise like yoga that would not hurt her and also make her happy.

Nicole hesitated for a moment. Since she was already here and the instructors were national-level champions, she should give it a try.


Yannick paused and looked at her. “Sure. You can change your clothes inside. I’ll practice with you later.”

He gritted his teeth. The instructor for taekwondo was a world champion.

If the instructor accidentally crippled Nicole, Yannick would not be able to bear the consequences.

Thus, Yannick could only spar with her himself. At most, he would just let her win.

Nicole looked at him with surprise but said nothing and went in to change her clothes.

The high-end service of this gym was that everything was prepared for the customers. They would definitely not try to scrimp on anything.

After all, the people who came here were extremely sophisticated high-end people, so it was impossible to fool them with poor clothes and tools.

Nicole chose a gray sports suit. With her beautiful body and bright features, she attracted too much attention at a glance.

However, she looked delicate and weak, as if just one punch was enough to k**l her.

She went to one side to run and warm up. Yannick changed his clothes and came out. Compared to her, his muscles looked like he would wipe the floor with her.

The taekwondo coach said, “You’re going?”

Yannick nodded and frowned tightly. He could not be too hard on her later because he would not be able to explain himself if she tried to fight him seriously.

A porcelain doll-like little princess had to be coddled after all.

Thee taekwondo coach said, “Why don’t you go and warm up?”

Yannick shook his head. “Forget it. I’m afraid she’ll be overwhelmed if I warm up and hit her harder. Remember to record a video when I go up later…”

He took out his phone and handed it over.

The taekwondo coach was confused.

Yannick had to record it. What if Nicole accidentally fell by herself and blamed it on him?

The taekwondo coach observed Nicole’s professional movements as she warmed up. Although she looked slender and delicate, her actions were very proficient and up to standard.

It did not look like she was not experienced.

Just as the coach was about to tell Yannick to be careful, Nicole put on her gear and got on the platform.

Yannick took a sip of water and walked over leisurely.

Nicole looked at him, then at the coach not far away.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

Yannick nodded. “Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. I’m no worse than the coach.”

Nicole raised her brows. ’Well, he asked for it.’

Yannick let Nicole make the first move. Nicole also did not hold back and swept a roundhouse kick at him.

Yannick was startled by the strong wind, but fortunately, he dodged in time.

Nicole’s moves were crisp and neat, not unnecessarily showy.

However, under the flurry of blows, Yannick was struggling to hold his ground.

In less than five minutes, Nicole dodged sideways and pinned his arm backward, taking the opportunity to trip him and press him down.

With a crisp click, Yannick’s arm seemed to be dislocated.

It was a complete and utter defeat.

Nicole stood up in disdain and did not look at him. “Go down. Let the coach come.”

Yannick looked quite strong, but his moves were like a weak chicken.

If she had not held back a little to let him adapt, she could have thrown him down with her first move.

Yannick’s face turned white in pain as his weak screams echoed in the hall. What a miserable man!


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