The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 855

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 854 – An Unattainable Wish

In J&L Corporation, Molly Stewart had millions of dollars in annual salary. She also had bonuses and allowances, so she was not interested in money.

Molly lowered her eyes and suddenly opened her arms and shouted, “I want to be famous!”

Nicole blinked and curbed her smile.

“This… Will be a little difficult.”

It was also not as practical as making money.

After Molly was done daydreaming, she dragged Nicole to her research room and introduced her to the gadgets she invented.

It was true that scientists’ brains were different from normal people’s.

A regular girl’s way to relax was shopping, eating, and more shopping.

However, Molly’s way of relaxation was to do research.

Nicole was afraid that Molly’s body would collapse, so she dragged Molly to the nearest gym to sweat it out and relax.

They told Clayton about it and ran out.

Molly was familiar with skipping work, so she must have frequently gone out of the office during work hours.

She scrolled through her phone and said, “I heard of a new gym that just opened. Let’s go there…”

Nicole did not object to it. If it was nearer to J&L Corporation, Molly could go over often.

This gym was well decorated. Once they went inside, someone came over to greet them.

Nicole swept a glance and saw a large advertisement board that read, “Annual membership: $50,000 non- negotiable. Pretty ladies: FREE!”

The corners of Nicole’s lips twitched as she thought that this gym was a little shady.

Molly looked at the sign on the side and was quite interested.

She thought about it and took out her bank card. “I want the annual membership.”

The receptionist was dozing off. He did not really expect to have business at this hour.

He saw the gorgeous woman in front of him and was slightly stunned. This woman looked familiar.

In a moment of hesitation, a surprised voice came from the side. “Nicole Stanton?”

Nicole turned to the side and recognized the guy. He was Eric’s friend, Yannick Zabinski.

She had a slight impression of the guy. Last time, when Nicole and Xander appeared in the same frame on the trending topics, everyone thought that Xander was Eric, but Yannick came out to clarify that it was not Eric and cleared his name.

After that, Nicole did not see this person in the gentry circle again.

It was quite a coincidence.

When Yannick saw that it was really her, he ran over excitedly. “Nicole, is it really you?”

He was so happy that Nicole felt a little surprised.

“Mr. Zabinski?”

Yannick rubbed his hands. He was really regretful of his behavior back then.

He thought that he was doing something good for Eric, but he ended up ruining Eric’s chance to save Nicole. Eric was so mad that he withdrew all of Ferguson Corporation’s cooperation with the Zabinskis.

In just a few months, the Zabinski family’s business declined, and everyone just added insult to injury.

Even with that compensation money from the contract withdrawal, they did not have the opportunity to rise again.

Yannick was ostracized from that circle.

Due to that, Yannick used that money to open a gym, intending to break into that circle again and only receive rich people.

Yannick smiled and came over. “Ms. Stanton, if you want to work out, you don’t need an annual membership. You can just come over anytime and use our facilities as you please. You’re always welcome here.”

Nicole pulled the corners of her lips into a perfunctory and polite smile.

“That won’t do. I’m here to accompany my friend.”

Nicole looked at Molly, who did not care who the boss was.

Yannick’s eyes flickered. He walked over and instructed the receptionist, “Since it’s Ms. Stanton’s friend, we’ll offer a 40% discount.”

The receptionist nodded and answered.

Nicole thanked him and did not intend to be so clear-cut for this small amount of money. Yannick did not lack this money anyway, and he was just trying to please her.

She was clear about this.

“So, what do you two ladies want to try out? Running? Yoga? Our teachers here are all national professional teachers and are highly paid. e emphasize quality over quantity.”

Nicole looked at Molly, who pointed to one of the items and said, “I want to learn to meditate! I won’t need to move and just sit there.”

For a moment, everyone fell silent.


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