The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 848

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 848 – Hurt Again

Perhaps Eric was shocked by Nicole’s bluntness.

Eric’s self-esteem was hit, and it took a while for him to calm down.

’Nicole actually mocked me for being old?!’ Eric thought.

His fingertips trembled slightly as he typed and deleted the message on the dialog box repeatedly.

His heart felt so uneasy.

It was another day of being hurt!

After a long time, Eric called Toto, who went home on vacation, to come back.

Outside, the night was silent, dark, and lonely.

In the middle of the night, Eric was still working overtime. It was really tough on him.

When Toto pushed the door open, he saw this scene.

Eric held a cigarette between his fingers. His posture was relaxed, and the harsh vibes faded slightly. Eric looked like he was in a fairyland in the haze of cigarette smoke.

Toto was so frightened that he hurriedly opened the window to let some fresh air in.

If Toto came just a little later, the smoke alarm would have gone off.

Tomorrow’s headline would then be: “Ferguson Corporation’s President attempted s*****e?”

“Mr. Ferguson, what’s wrong?”

Toto looked at Eric’s appearance and instantly felt a charitable love for him.

Eric’s attitude was cold, and his face was stern.

“I’m old?”

His voice was hoarse and deep from smokin.

Toto did not understand what this meant.

Eric gestured for Toto to come over and look at the phone himself.

He was the only one who was qualified to look at Eric’s phone.

Toto nervously and excitedIy held Eric’s phone and saw Eric’s conversation with Nicole.

’Oh, so that’s what it is…’ Toto felt a complicated emotion. ’Ms. Stanton is so blunt! How could she not care about Mr. Ferguson’s feelings? No wonder he’s so upset. He’s a hundred times more upset than when he was dealing with Old Master Ferguson!’

Toto racked his brain to think of how to comfort Eric and forced a smile.

“Mr. Ferguson, you can’t belittle yourself. You look like a young hunk! You’re not old at all. Ms. Stanton didn’t mean it. Maybe she’s already regretful…”

Eric lifted his eyelids indifferently. ’Do you think that I’ll believe that buIIsh*t?’

Toto continued, “Ms. Stanton isn’t a frivolous person. The fact that she liked you so much in the past means that you’re the type she likes. She’s only saying this to persuade you to give up, so we can’t take it seriously. We must push forward and show her your determination!”

What was reputation anyway? Compared to Nicole, it was too worthless.

When Eric heard Toto say this, the worries that had plagued Eric for half the night seemed to have dissipated slightly.

’Yes, what he said makes sense. Nicole is not a superficial person. Will those who are younger than me have my achievements? Will those who are older than me have my physique? I’m amazing!’ Eric thought.

At that thought, Eric put out the cigarette, picked up his jacket, and stood up.

He strode out in big steps.

It was so sudden that Toto did not react in time.

“Mr. Ferguson, where are you going?”

“Going back to rest,” Eric said in a gruff voice.

When Eric sat in the car, he replied to Nicole’s message.

[You shouldn’t just look at my age for such an excellent man like me. I forgive you for saying such things, and you don’t need to apologize because I’ll always love you. Mwah mwah…]

In a daze, Nicole heard her phone chime.

Since Grant was out of the office, Nicole had to pay more attention and could not turn off her phone when she slept.

When Nicole received a message at this hour, she thought that it must be some urgent matter with the company.

Nicole clicked into it in a daze and glanced at it.

D**n it! She was now wide awake.

What the h**l?! Mwah mwah?!

Eric Ferguson was getting more annoying and nauseating. Was his worldview distorted?

Nicole cursed and pretended not to see it. She closed her eyes and continued to sleep.

However, she only got nightmares after nightmares throughout the second half of the night.

It was all Eric’s fault.


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