The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 845

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 845 – What if I Don’t Sign?

Mitchell had a good sense of proportion when he said this. Although it was a bit offensive, it was better than kneeling.

Old Master Ferguson was silent for a few seconds when he heard this. His eyes were fixed on Mitchell.

“What if I don’t sign?”

Mitchell smiled. ’that evidence will then be sent to the court, and the entire Ferguson family will be destroyed in your hands.”

It was not that Eric wanted to be heartless. It was that their illegal act of bribery was done too blatantly.

Old Master Ferguson was slightly stunned. The bottom of his eyes was dark and deep as he pondered for a long time.

After a while, Old Master Ferguson slowly picked up the pen.

If he did not sign, this matter would be known by those shareholders who just supported him. They would then blame Old Master Ferguson for their grievances.

Eric’s ploy was effective.


Eric was in his office. His face was gloomy as he looked out the window.

The dark clouds dispersed. The harsh sunlight shone through the window onto his fair skin.

Mitchell knocked on the door and put the signed documents on Eric’s desk.

“President, the Old Master has already signed the document, but he has one condition, which is to give him the evidence of those shareholders’ wrongdoings.”

Eric’s cold and solemn face became even more sullen.

“Alright. Have you arranged the rest of the matters?”

Eric was not the least bit worried about handing over the evidence, which would be destroyed by Old Master Ferguson.

After all that, Eric’s fundamental purpose was not on those people anyway.

Mitchell nodded. “Yes, foreign capital has already started to contact them…”

Eric expressionlessly withdrew his gaze.

“Be careful with your movements. Don’t let anyone notice.”

Mitchell nodded and hesitated for a moment. “Mrs. Ferguson and Ms. Ferguson are still here. They said that they want to see you…”

Eric’s face was cold with a frown. His voice was clear and cold.

“I won’t see them.”

What happened at the meeting had depleted the remainder of the love Eric had for them.

His mother accused him of wrongdoing in public and went to great lengths to bring him down.

What was the use of such a relative?

Their so-called kinship felt shallow and unreasonable. They were even less attentive than Eric’s subordinates.

Mitchell even felt some pity for Eric.

The office was somewhat silent and cold.

Eric walked over and sat down on the chair. His slender and beautiful fingers flipped through the documents to make sure there was nothing wrong. He then threw it back to Mitchell and said, “Get HR to issue an announcement on this change in personnel and post a copy online. Old Master Ferguson’s era has officially come to an end.”

Mitchell immediately answered. “Yes, sir.”

Eric originally did not want to be so ruthless, but if he did not do so, Old Master Ferguson would continue to target Stanton Corporation and Nicole.

When Eric thought about the creepy ideas Old Master Ferguson had come up with at the beginning, he felt a bad chill.

Ferguson Corporation’s announcement caused a lot of commotion.

Everyone knew that Old Master Ferguson was a power- hungry person that would not be willing to let go of his status at Ferguson Corporation until the last moment.

However, Old Master Ferguson suddenly resigned from the position as the Chairman of Ferguson Corporation.

Overnight, the internal changes in Ferguson Corporation seem to have a hidden trend.

In addition to those who stood firm in support of Eric, others were beginning to plan for themselves.

Especially after that meeting, they tried to see Eric, but they were all turned away.

Eric did not give them the slightest chance, so they began to feel like they were in a precarious situation.

This sense of panic was overwhelming.

To the outside world, this commotion showed that only Eric could be the real leader of Ferguson Corporation, and no one could compete with him.

The situation became clear overnight.

Eric’s power vaguely seemed to have the upper hand.

It looked like he won.


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