The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 844

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 844 – Beautiful Win

Those shareholders present instantly turned pale.

When they were working for Old Master Ferguson back then, Old Master Ferguson was sentimental and turned a blind eye to their acts of accepting bribes.

Thus, they were bold and did not bother to cover up their tracks.

As long as the company did not raise objections, they could continue to accept bribes.

Once Eric came to power, he cut off their source of income even though he did not pursue their responsibility for previous acts. Eric also consolidated the power of the Ferguson Corporation.

They had suppressed their grievances for many years.

When they thought it was all in the past, Eric secretly left evidence.

Right in front of them was the evidence of their crimes, which was enough to make them squat in j**l for a lifetime.

They were drenched in a cold sweat at this moment. What qualification did they have to take sides between Old Master Ferguson and Eric?

Not many of these shareholders, who could not even fend for themselves, had clean hands.

They finally figured out why Eric was so calm without a hint of surprise or fear since the beginning.

It was because Eric was holding a f***l secret over their heads.

Once Eric left, those shareholders could not sit still anymore.

They stood up one after another with panic and fear.

“What should we do?” Eric even has this trick up his sleeve!”

“Chairman, if things go bad, you will also be dragged into it. Let’s just forget it…”

“Yeah, who doesn’t want to stay at home and retire well at an old age?”

“Forget it, it still have things to do. I’ll leave first…”

Those people were so scared that even those with clean hands did not dare to stay any longer.

The situation was reversed. It was simply a pipe dream to think of defeating Eric. How stupid!

Old Master Ferguson and Eric were relatives, but they were nothing to Eric….

Everyone started to leave one after another. Some even purposely went to Eric’s office to explain themselves, but Eric refused to meet them.

In the meeting room.

Old Master Ferguson was livid as he sat there with a deadly glare. He was negligent in this aspect. Back when he retired, he should have tidied up the mess.

They had offered up their weakness to Eric on a silver platter.

Eric was smart to keep this for then years. Now, it really came in handy.

The meeting was over in less than twenty minutes.

It was incredibly fast.

Eric’s win was so beautiful and straightforward.

Eric was clearly well prepared for every possible scenario.

Old Master Ferguson let out a long sigh. He had to admit that Eric was better than him.

Quinn looked at Old Master Ferguson with a pale face. ”Dad, what can we do now?”

Ingrid also regretted having followed Quinn over.

Now, Eric would more so not forgive her.

Old Master Ferguson was silent for a long time. When he was just about to stand up and leave, Mitchell quickly walked over.

Mitchell smiled and laid the last document in his hand in front of Old Master Ferguson.

It was a resignation letter that was already written for him. It would take effect with a signature.

Old Master Ferguson’s eyes instantly sank coldly, and his face turned extremely ugly.

Mitchell smiled appropriately.

“Chairman, this farce should always have a result. Mr. Ferguson has given you the opportunity to retaliate, but nothing significant came from it. If this goes on and if you’re still in this position, it’ll be difficult to convince the public. So, why not bow out decently? You mustn’t take the interests of the whole company to spite the President.”

’Hah! Spite him?’ Old Master Ferguson thought.

Old Master Ferguson glanced at Mitchell. His black eyes were sharp. “Is he that impatient?”

“Chairman, back when you and Ms. Ferguson teamed up to do those things, your prestige at Ferguson Corporation was in jeopardy. The President didn’t do this for Ferguson Corporation. After all, even ten Ferguson Corporations will not be able to compare to the President’s net worth. He’s only doing this for the good of the Ferguson fam ily, so you should appreciate it.”


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