The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 837

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 837 – His Girlfriend

Nicole was obviously on guard. If Sean Moore sent Yvette home, Yvette would be walking into a lion’s den.

Yvette also did not want to have any entanglement with Sean. Anyway, since the contract was not signed, why would she still waste her time to please him?

Dream on!

“No, thanks. We’ve all had too much to drink tonight, so let’s go back separately.”

Yvette took Nicole’s arm. “Let’s go?”

Before they left, Yvette went inside to apologize to the rest of the guests, then instructed her assistant to wrap up the aftermath. She then took her things and strutted out.

When Yvette reached the door, she had a smile on her face but did not look much better.

Before Nicole could ask if Yvette was uncomfortable, Nicole saw that Grant also followed them out.

Yvette smiled and was just about to go up to say hello when she saw another person behind Grant.

It was a woman who looked extremely gentle and beautiful.


Grant had been cold-faced until he turned around and showed a warm smile as he reached out his hand to carefully help the woman behind him down the steps.

The two of them looked at each other and smiled with a tacit understanding.

It was as if no one else but them existed.

From the time Yvette saw this woman, her face was miserably pale and a hundred times gloomier than just now.

Nicole frowned and thought that the woman looked familiar, but she did not remember who she was.

Grant saw Yvette and was stunned for less than half a second, then saw Nicole.

He smiled and said, “Lil N, do you still recognize her?”

Nicole shook her head honestly.

Yvette was silent for a few seconds and spoke with a smile, “She’s the most popular girl in our school that’s two years our senior, Aida Webber. Don’t you remember?”

Nicole suddenly realized that there was indeed such a person, but Nicole completely forgot what she looked like.

Grant helplessly glanced at Nicole. “I guess your memory isn’t as good as Yvette’s.”

The woman next to Grant was gentle and pretty. She looked elegant, generous, and slim. She gave off a very comfortable and warm vibe.

When Aida smiled, the corners of her pure and clear eyes curved beautifully.

“I was no longer the most popular girl in school once Nicole joined and took over. We were busy with graduation back then and didn’t have many opportunities to meet, so it’s normal not to remember me.”

It turned out that Aida was their senior.

Nicole smiled. She saw that Grant and Aida did not seem to be in an ordinary relationship.

She subconsciously looked at Yvette, who lowered her eyes and looked forlorn. Yvette had the kind of extreme sadness that could affect the people around her.

Nicole knew that Yvette had always liked Grant, but Yvette never said so and always looked up to Grant. Over time, Grant just became more and more distant from Yvette.

All of them had their own thoughts.

Nicole pursed her lips and asked with a smile, “So, you’re here to look for Aida? I thought you came here specifically to pick me up…”

Grant rolled his eyes at Nicole. “Cut the c**p and get in the car.”

He took Aida’s hand and opened the passenger door for her.

Yvette stood there motionless. Nicole suddenly felt heartbroken for her.

“Grant, my driver’s still around. I’ll take Yvette home and pick up some things from her house in the meantime. You guys can go first…”

Grant frowned, vaguely dissatisfied.

Aida was in the car. She lowered the window and smiled with squinted eyes, then playfully stuck out her tongue.

“Nicole, your big brother is going to be angry…”

Grant was stunned and helplessly reached out to gently flick her forehead, so doting and defenseless.

“I never see eye to eye with children.”

Grant looked at Nicole and said, “Come home early.”

After that, he went straight to the driver’s side, got in, started the car, and left.

Nicole turned her head.

When she saw that Yvette’s eyes were red, she did not know what to say…


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