The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 836

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 836 – People You Shouldn’t Meet

Yvette followed Sean Moore outside, but before the door closed, Sean embraced her and said, “Ms. Quimbey, there’s no one watching now, so why don’t you take the initiative?”

Sean came close to her with an unfamiliar minty scent on his body.

Although Yvette did not have any feelings for him and that he was not her type in all aspects, this man still looked passable up close. He was a little better-looking than some young budding actors.

’Forget it, I’ll just close my eyes and get it over with.’ Yvette thought.

Yvette smiled slightly inebriated. “Mr. Moore, even if you’re not skilled, I won’t laugh at you.”

Even though she lost, she still had to maintain her dignity.

She just wanted to irritate him.

Yvette saw that Sean’s face changed slightly. The next second, Yvette closed her eyes and leaned into him.

Before Yvette could get creative, Sean had already taken the initiative.

His tongue explored her mouth aggressively like a sudden storm, which caused a choking sensation. Yvette had completely no room to play.

’D**n, his skills are quite good!’ Yvette thought.

Nicole could not sit still inside because she was afraid that something would happen to Yvette.

She did not care about the advice of the people inside and pulled open the door to go out.

In a moment, Nicole was stunned.

Nicole looked past the man and woman who were so immersed in kissing and saw the person behind them.


This name completely startled Yvette and Sean.

In particular, Yvette looked like she saw a ghost. She pushed the man on top of her away and wiped her mouth in a panic.

Sean’s eyes deepened slightly. He then shifted his gaze to look at the person behind him.

Grant stood there with an aura that was difficult to ignore. He was shrouded in a light layer of coldness that was not obvious, much less targeting anyone.

It is as if Grant was born with this reserved and noble indifference that made him so unapproachable.

The bottom of his eyes had no ripples. He just looked at Nicole and said in a gentle tone, “Now that your leg is recovered, you don’t even greet me when you come out to drink?”

Nicole pursed her lips and was just about to explain when Yvette quickly walked over and apologized.

“I’m sorry, Grant. I’m the one who asked Nicole to come over. I…”

Grant had a bit of detachment and politeness on his face when he looked at Yvette. His voice was clear and cold as he said, “Nicole has to go back to take her m********n. You guys can make another appointment next time.”

There was no hint of blame in his words, but Yvette could feel his dissatisfaction.

Yvette felt ashamed, like a group of children who were caught red-handed.

Nicole hurriedly spoke up and changed the topic.

“I came out to relax, yet I was still caught by you? Grant, what are you doing here?”

Nicole did not remember that Grant had any social engagements today.

Grant spoke indifferently, “I was looking for someone.”

In front of so many outsiders, Grant did not want to explain too much and looked at his watch.

“Come out in ten minutes. I’ll wait for you at the door.”

After that, Grant strode away with his long legs and went to the private room that he was initially going to.

Nicole breathed a sigh of relief.

She looked to the side and saw that Yvette’s face was pale and ugly as h**l.

At this critical time, Yvette actually met the person she did not want to see most.

“Yvette, are you not feeling well? D id you drink too much just now?”

Nicole went over and touched Yvette’s forehead, but there was no change.

Yvette smiled. “Maybe I’m just a little tired. I’m about to be done here, so you can follow Grant home.”

Nicole shrugged helplessly. Even if she did not want to go home, she had to.

She raised her eyes and looked at Sean, who was still staring in the direction that Grant had left with a deep and meaningful gaze.

The hostility was too obvious as if it was written on his face.

Nicole froze for a moment. Without knowing this man’s background, she knew that she could not do anything rash.

She smiled and looked at Yvette. “Come with me. I’ll get Grant to drop you off first.”

Yvette had never refused such opportunities.

Suddenly, Sean said, “Ms. Quimbey, I can give you a ride.”


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