The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 832

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 832 – Is Poison Yummy?

Nicole froze slightly. She then saw that Eric was walking over with a thermos flask.

His slender fingers moved fluidly to pour out a bowl of stew and pushed it over.

“Have a taste…”

Nicole frowned and thought that Eric seemed a little off today.

She could not tell what was wrong with him.

Nicole looked at the stew. “Toto made stew so early in the morning?”

Eric lowered his thick and lush eyelashes. His black eyes were sunken, and his voice was deep.


Nicole did not feel like eating stew and did not touch it.

“Besides me blocking you, do you have other things to talk about?”

She implied that it was time for him to leave.

Eric’s lips were pressed into a straight line. His eyes seemed to have ripples.

“I intend to speed up J&L Corporation’s project. I poached a high-tech research team from Denmark. They’ll arrive next month. When the time comes, we’ll rearrange the project’s process.”

Nicole was dumbfounded for a moment.

A high-tech research team from Denmark was no longer just a matter of salary. It was even harder to poach core technical staff than a soccer team, so how did Eric do it?

Eric looked at Nicole quietly. His temperament was oppressive as he said slowly, “So, Clayton Sloan can hurry up and go back to where he came from.”

Eric spent so much money to poach an excellent team so that he could rush the process, just so that Clayton could leave quickly.

It was best if Clayton could stay further away from Eric and Nicole. The further, the better!

A chill lingered in the air.

Nicole took a deep breath. “Mr. Sloan’s schedule is not within my arrangement.”

Eric smirked. His eyebrows were intertwined with coldness and warmth.

“Nicole, you know what I mean. If you reject him, I can give you whatever you want.”

Nicole raised her eyes in a flash.


The confidence in his eyes was hard to conceal.

Only Eric could pull off saying such words without being ridiculed for bragging.

Eric thought that he was much better than those ” domineering presidents” from the novels that Toto showed him.

After all, if Eric took two million dollars and smashed it in Nicole’s face, she would just feel like he was insulting her.

She would probably take 20 million dollars in cash to bury him under.

To avoid such barbaric behavior, Eric decided to be pedantic and threw this money in a more valuable place!

Nicole looked at Eric, who was elegant and reserved. His beautiful black eyes were sunken, and he looked perfect.

She thought, ’But why do I want to beat him up so badIy?’

“Mr. Ferguson, I hope you understand that…”

She paused and took a deep breath. “You’re also a beneficiary in Clayton’s project. You’ll only benefit from your own investment, so what does it have to do with threatening me?”

Nicole was earning money properly, so why should she get hooked by Eric’s lousy request?

How shameless!

Eric’s face instantly sank. Since he was the smallest beneficiary in this project, he did not remember or care for this bit of benefit.

Thus, he overlooked this point.

’D**n it! What a blunder!’

His eyelashes drooped and created a shadow. He calmly and frankly accepted Nicole’s criticism.

In the end, Eric pushed the stew in front of Nicole again. His tone was calm, and his voice was deep.

“I’m just proving my strength. I didn’t mean to threaten you. Here, moisten your throat…”

’Hah!’ Nicole wanted to laugh in exasperation. She just felt like she was hitting a bag of cotton.

This b*****d was getting more capable at getting on her nerves.

Nicole took a deep breath and told herself not to get angry because if she died from anger, who would benefit from it?

She looked at the bowl of stew in front of her and thought that she did miss Toto’s cooking.

Without another thought, Nicole picked up the bowl and took a sip.

Eric’s eyes suddenly flickered for a moment.

In the next second, Nicole struggled not to spit it out. She had good cultivation, so she could not throw up.

Nicole swallowed it with an odd look like she was s********g poison.

Eric’s face was calm and somewhat nonchalant as he asked her, “Is it yummy?”

’Is poison yummy?’ Nicole thought.


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