The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 825

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Clayton’s words implied that he only bought this place to be closer to Nicole.

Nicole was surprised for a moment, then naturally recovered her expression.

“That apartment has been sold out. A few years back, it’s still relatively sought-after. My third brother bought it for me with his first film payment. But the good thing is that the surrounding area is located in a prosperous area. The Grand Manor is the only property in Atlanta that still maintained its high prices during the real estate downturn.”

After all, properties here were only sold to the rich, so why would the rich be so calculative for that little price difference?

Such a reputable investor like Clayton also bought it without even blinking an eye.

At that thought, Nicole had full confidence in that project in Sand City. She wanted to drive up the real estate industry there.

Clayton laughed and could not help but hold his forehead. ’ Did she misread the point?’

However, he gave her an appreciative look.

“Ms. Stanton, you really live up to your name. You know the market like the back of your hand!”

Nicole laughed and lifted her chin. “I’ve always been very interested in this money-making industry!”

Clayton was speechless.

He stepped forward and opened the door with his fingerprints, then made way for her. “Please come in…”

As soon as Nicole entered, she saw that the home furnishings inside were fully automated systems controlled by artificial intelligent systems.

Clayton was very interested in this area. Otherwise, he would not have invested in the field of artificial intelligence.

As far as Nicole knew, the most advanced and comprehensive smart home system should be from Denmark.

Clayton must have gone to a lot of trouble to install such a system in Mediania.

Once inside, the system automatically identified the owner. Two pairs of slippers, one male and one female version, appeared in the shoe cabinet automatically.

“Welcome home, Master!”

Nicole wore a thick coat and a snug dress inside, so if she squatted, her coat would touch the floor.

She paused for a few seconds and felt a little lazy to change her shoes, so she did not want to go in.

However, in the next second, Clayton suddenly squatted on the floor with one knee in front of her to help her change into the slippers.

Nicole was flattered and thanked him repeatedly. She really felt embarrassed if she were to leave when she saw Clayton’s enthusiasm.

Since she was a child, Nicole had already been accustomed to this kind of action.

When she was young, Floyd changed her shoes, and when she grew up, her brothers changed them for her.

If this was a different person, such as Grant or Kai, Nicole would not have such a big reaction because that was how she was treated since her childhood days.

However, she was a little uncomfortable with Clayton doing this for her.

Clayton was quick to adapt. He stood up and smiled as if nothing had happened.

“Come on, Michael’s gift for you is in the room.”

Nicole took a deep breath.

She believed in Clayton’s character, and with her driver right outside, Clayton would not do anything out of the ordinary.

The whole house was built with a modern European style that was simple and plain, but it gave off a very comfortable and relaxing vibe.

At first glance, it was the handiwork of an internationally famous designer. The interior decoration was very mature and soothing, very much in line with Clayton’s character.

Clayton opened the door to the nearest room and indicated for Nicole to see for herself.

Nicole smiled, somewhat expectant.

Usually, handmade gifts were either paintings or clay figures, but as soon as Nicole walked over, she was so startled that her face turned pale.

She was so frightened that she took a step backward. A large hand supported her waist from behind. It was warm and wide.

When she stood firm, the hand disappeared, as if he was just afraid that she would fall.

Nicole looked inside in shock and felt somewhat speechless.

The semi-open-air room had a swimming pool, but in the pool was a crocodile!

A very large crocodile!

Nicole took a long time to calm herself down. She looked at Clayton and pointed to what was inside.

She was in disbelief. “It’s a mistake, right?”

This gift was just too scary…


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