The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 815

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 815 – Kicked Out

Nicole did not even notice this. She took the bag and led Clayton inside.

While they walked, Nicole introduced the current situation of the entertainment circle to Clayton.

“Although I don’t know too much about this circle, I heard that the authorities have set their eyes on the high pay for films here. So, some artists can’t raise their prices too high. They can either improve the quality of the film or use other channels to transfer the money to the artists. In short, this business is still risky.”

Clayton nodded along.

“I’ve also heard about this. A few famous stars previously have crashed and b****d. Their persona collapsed and even implicated the films they were in to not be broadcasted. That’s why I’ve just been watching and waiting for the right moment.”

Nicole forgot that Clayton was a real investor.

If he was really interested in showbiz, he would have probably investigated it long ago. It seemed that the excuse he found earlier was still just an excuse after all.

For a while, Nicole had mixed feelings and felt a bit disappointed.

Clayton noticed Nicole’s change in mood and was puzzled for a moment.

He thought of their conversation earlier and did not know what he had said wrong for her to suddenly look so disappointed.

Clayton tentatively asked, “Are there any famous stars that you like?”

Nicole was stunned and hastened to clarify herself.

“I don’t follow any stars. I’m not a silly girl who gets smitten by looks. I’m the richest young woman who wants to concentrate on my career!”

The elevator was suddenly silent for a moment, and Clayton could not help but laugh. “Yes, I can see that.”

Nicole saw that Clayton was laughing like that and suddenly choked. ’Can he really tell? He’s clearly lying! Forget it, I’ll just use facts to prove myself!’

She did not want to talk anymore.

Once the elevator arrived, they found the designated hall and saw someone who was wandering around outside. That person’s back looked somewhat familiar.

Nicole approached to take a look. ’Isn’t that Keith Ludwig?’

Keith naturally also saw her as well as Clayton, who was behind her.

His face was strange and complicated. He retracted his gaze and looked at Nicole.

“What a coincidence!”

Nicole glanced inside. It was very lively inside, but a porter was guarding the entrance, so ordinary people could not enter.

She finally understood what was going on. Keith was not able to go in and was just waiting outside anxiously.

Nicole suddenly laughed. “It’s not a coincidence. I was invited to come, but you…”

Keith’s smile stiffened slightly. He felt like his heart was being trampled by ten thousand horses.

Nicole really liked to specifically say such hurtful words that stabbed people right in the heart. Only Eric was able to endure this.

Keith coughed and wanted to find an excuse to explain himself. “I…”

The porter at the door came over tactfully and opened the door for her. “Ms. Stanton, please come in…”

Nicole smiled and looked at Keith. The porter then explained, “Mr. Ludwig went in to make a fuss and even hit someone, so the director and producer had to kick him out…”


Keith’s face turned ugly as if he had just stepped on f***s.

He stared coldIy at the porter. “Do you need to say it so clearly…?”

The porter was afraid of Keith and retreated two steps in trepidation.

Nicole laughed. “Who are you trying to scare, Mr. Ludwig? We’ll head in first.”

After that, Nicole looked back at Clayton. Usually, a lady would be escorted into a hall by a gentleman holding her arm.

Nicole hesitated, but Clayton had already taken a step forward and extended his arm.

Since it was etiquette, Nicole did not care much about it.

Just as they were about to walk in, Keith followed from behind and smiled ingratiatingly.

“Nicole, take me inside…”

Keith would rather gouge out his eyes if he had to stand outside and watch as the couple inside were being intimate with each other.


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