The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 814

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 814 – I’d Like to Meet Your Friends

Nicole subconsciously got into the car. Somehow, she felt a little uncomfortable being alone with Clayton.

There were still various greeting messages that Clayton sent to her on her phone.

Basically, he sent her more than a dozen messages a day, and she only replied to some of them when she had the time.

Most of the time, Nicole ignored them. Clayton’s enthusiasm was too obvious.

If Nicole rejected Clayton repeatedly, it would just hurt the relationship between the two of them. Not to mention, he saved her.

Nicole owed him, but she did not want to dedicate herself to him as repayment.

Fortunately, she was not so impulsive as to try to date him.

She was so comfortable being alone.

The new driver did not know why Nicole got out of the car and came back inside.

Suddenly, he remembered his onboarding training by the butler saying that as a driver, he had to take the initiative to open the door for the Young Lady when she got off. He should never let her open the door to get on and off the car by herself.

Otherwise, it was his dereliction of duty.

The driver was shocked and thought, ’Perhaps… She’s testing me?’

He ran out of the car without saying a word.

The driver walked to the back of the car door with one hand behind his back while his other hand pulled open the door.

“Miss, please…”

Before Nicole could react, she saw that the car door was suddenly pulled open. She also saw Clayton, who happened to look over.

For a time, Nicole was very speechless.

Clayton happened to see Nicole. His eyes lit up, and he took a step toward her.

Nicole saw that there was nowhere to hide, so she braced herself and got out of the car.

The driver was very considerate and protected her forehead.

Nicole smiled helplessly and looked at the new driver. ’Sigh’

“Nicole, why are you here? Is your leg better now?”

Clayton had a dignified and clear temperament. He was warm and modest, and when he looked at her, his eyes reflected only her, which made her heart beat faster.

Nicole smiled. “Much better now. It’s not a problem to walk normally. The show that I invested in is holding a celebration and invited me to join the fun. I was too bored at home, so I came to check it out…”

Clayton was very thoughtful to pick up her bag in the back seat, then subconsciously went over and held her arm.

Nicole was slightly slower. She then took a careless step forward to avoid his hand.

Clayton handed her the bag. He looked a little uneasy and asked her for the location. He paused and said, “I’d better send you up…”

Nicole smiled faintly.

“It’s okay. I’m really all recovered now. Otherwise, my dad wouldn’t have let me leave the house.”

Clayton smiled gently. “But I’d like to meet your friends. Can I?”

Nicole was silent for a moment. Clayton did not feel the least bit disappointed. It was as if he knew that his abruptness would not necessarily make his wish come true.

He had enough mental preparation.

“Mediania’s entertainment industry has huge development potential. It’s basically commonplace to rely on the entertainment industry to break down class barriers. It just so happens that I have some investment plans related to the entertainment industry, so do you mind if I ’use’ you to get to know the industry?”

Clayton’s explanation was official and patient enough.

Although Nicole did not know how true it was, it still made her breathe a sigh of relief.

It was a great mutually beneficial condition, so of course, she did not mind.

“Of course, I don’t mind. It’s just a small celebration, so there’s nothing too valuable here. Next time, if there are other activities, I’ll definitely call you along.”

Nicole was extremely enthusiastic and generous. If she could use money to return the favor, she would absolutely grasp the opportunity!

She would not be stingy with any money or resources.

Clayton smiled warmly and sincerely as he nodded.

Suddenly, he reached out to tuck a strand of her hair that was blown up by the wind behind her ear. His movements were so casual, careless, and very gentle.


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