The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 812

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 812 – Take Advantage of One in Peril

Kai frowned. “I don’t think it’ll go to that point. Do you think that Eric Ferguson is a softy if Ferguson Corporation’s leadership can change so easily?”

Floyd narrowed his eyes in anger. “How about we take advantage of them in peril and make them suffer a little?”

It seemed that Floyd was really holding a grudge.

Nicole laughed helplessly. “It’s not that easy. I think that Eric knows of Old Master Ferguson’s whereabouts like the back of his hand. He won’t be unprepared.”

Grant, who kept silent, suddenly said, “That’s not necessarily true. If we strike, we might have a chance of winning.”

Floyd looked at his eldest son with satisfaction.

Sure enough, his eldest son was just like him, unlike Kai, who only knew to destroy his prestige.

Nicole paused. “If it was before today, we can surely do that, but after today, I hope that Eric could win.”

If Eric won, Old Master Ferguson would be exasperated.

That way, she could get her revenge.

Grant and Floyd looked at her with slight dissatisfaction and wanted to persuade her not to be emotional.

However, Nicole spoke frankly. “Old Master Ferguson wants to pull him down, so we can’t let that old geezer have his way. We need to let Eric stay in that position firmly.”

Floyd and Grant nodded in understanding.

It sounded like there was some truth to it, but it also felt like something was wrong.

Kai ate the steak in front of him and chewed a few times. “Is this steak overcooked?”

Nicole paused. “Julie made that!” Julie laughed, embarrassed. “Sorry, I…”

Kai hurriedly interrupted her as he tried to redeem himself.

“I love overcooked steak! It has a great texture and tastes amazing!”

Floyd and Grant were just speechless. Even Nicole shot over a blank stare.

After dinner, Nicole and Julie walked around the living room for a while. Kai followed bashfully behind.

From time to time, Kai would serve the ladies some fruit and snacks. He was so attentive.

Of course, Nicole knew who Kai’s target was.

Julie also felt embarrassed and blushed.

It was already nighttime.

Nicole wanted to go up to rest, so Kai immediately stood up.

“The guest room is ready. It’s right next to my room!”

Kai purposely refurbished his study into the guest room because it was closest to him.

Nicole chuckled and spoke in a light tone.

“Jules, s********h me, we haven’t talked in a long time…”

Julie nodded. “Okay!”

Kai’s face stiffened. He gritted his teeth as he looked at Nicole, the troublemaker.

“Lil N, you…”

Nicole pretended not to know anything. “What?”

Kai forced a stiff smile.

“You girls were just talking so much just now. How can you say that you haven’t talked in a long time?”

Julie laughed. “It’s not a ’talk’ if it’s not right before bedtime.”

Nicole nodded heavily.

Anyway, there was no hurry at this moment. Kai was just too selfish.

The two ladies went upstairs together, hand in hand.

Kai could only watch and muttered from behind. “Shall I chat with you ladies? I’ll leave after…”

“Get lost…”

The two ladies spoke in unison.

Kai was disappointed. One of them was his sister who only knew how to create trouble, and the other was his beloved who knew exactly what he wanted.

He really could not afford to offend any of them.


Nicole and Julie went upstairs and started their laborious skincare routine, then applied a mask.

They were lying on the warm balcony with Tigger, who was playing soothing music. It was a very relaxing moment.

It was just that Julie’s phone kept ringing.

Julie frowned and impatiently picked it up. When she saw the caller ID, she cursed and turned it off.

Nicole was puzzled. “What’s wrong?”

“Roman keeps looking for me to borrow money, and he’s now waiting for me at my door…”


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