The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 797

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 797 – Can Retaliate Against Me

Nicole was hooked by the rich and deep affection in Eric’s eyes and was stunned for a moment. Immediately after, she resumed her aloof look.

She forcefully drew back her hand, drew a tissue from the tissue box on the side, and wiped her fingers slowly.

Eric’s black eyes sank. His eyelashes drooped down. The curved shadows covered the loss within his eyes.

“Eric Ferguson, not everything can be solved with an apology. Think about it, since we met until now, how many times have you apologized to me?”

Nicole’s words were like a knife that stabbed into Eric’s heart.

His body fiercely stiffened, and his face was tense and unsightly.

He did not know what to say to justify himself.

In her heart, Eric was serving a life sentence.

What qualifications did he have to negotiate with her on equal terms?

The atmosphere in the car condensed for a moment.

In the front, Toto really could not help it. For Eric’s happiness, Toto admitted his fault.

“Ms. Stanton, actually…”

Toto gritted his teeth. “Actually, the online a****k on Mr. Sloan was done by me.”

Nicole’s eyes turned cold as she looked up. Her face was devoid of all warmth.

“In fact, it was my idea. I misunderstood Mr. Sloan. Someone told me something bad about Mr. Sloan, and I believed it. Mr. Ferguson was afraid that you’ll get hurt, so he agreed to my idea without in-depth understanding. I sent it to the media platform. The latter situation wasn’t our intention. Ms. Ferguson and Old Master Ferguson teamed up and tricked Mr. Ferguson…”

Toto explained while thinking. Of course, he embellished the excuse.

He certainly could not say that those materials were from private detectives. Otherwise, it was just adding fuel to the fire.

Nicole’s tone was austere. “Did he provoke you?”

Toto immediately denied it. “No…”

Nicole moved back a little. Her thin back was straight. Her eyes were clear, and her lips were bright. She looked cold and detached.

“Mr. Ferguson, you have much more dirt than Clayton Sloan, but Clayton didn’t use these nasty means or dig up his dirt. Just based on this point, Clayton’s so much franker than him!

Nicole was scolding Eric indirectly.

Toto’s face was glum and embarrassed. He was Eric’s man, so naturally, Toto would side with his boss.

Nicole’s words were very reasonable, but it was hard to hear.

Eric’s black eyes were calm and quiet as if the momentary wave of emotions earlier never happened.

He turned his head to the side and looked directly at Nicole. His dark eyes were grim.

Suddenly, he closed in on her. His long legs took up most of the space, and she subconsciously dodged backward.

However, he forcefully and unquestionably took her hand that she had just withdrawn and rubbed her hand in his, secretly protesting.

His voice was extremely deep with an inexplicable ruthlessness. “You can take it out on me or retaliate against me. You can do whatever you want, but don’t mention Clayton Sloan. He deserved it. He’s lucky that I didn’t get him k****d.”

His tone carried an innate tyranny and coldness.

Whenever Clayton’s name was mentioned, Eric felt the urge to k**l.

Wanting Eric to bow down to Clayton and admit his mistakes was a pipe dream.

Eric would only bow down to one person, and that was Nicole.

After that, Eric turned around, crossed his long legs, and lazily leaned back on the car seat, then silently closed his eyes.

His hand that was holding Nicole’s delicate and soft hand did not let go.

Nicole struggled to break free. She was so angered by his words that she could not speak.

This b*****d is so thick-skinned to say such impudent words!

The car was speeding along and looked like it was going on the highway.

Nicole was a little anxious.


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