The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 795

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 795 – How Are You Getting Off?

The man with the baseball cap panicked. “That’s nonsense!”

The young girl who looked like she just started junior high school, stepped forward.

Her emotions were the most restrained, but her voice trembled.

She pointed at the man and spoke in front of the reporter.

“That’s him! He’s not a good person. To delay the project, he sacrifices a human life every year and disguises it as an accident. Just because my father is a foreigner who’s unfamiliar with this place and has no relatives here, he k****d my father!”

The restlessness among the reporters made the man with the baseball cap instantly nervous. Several of his accomplices saw that the situation was bad and wanted to withdraw.

However, before they could leave, they were stopped by Logan and some bodyguards.

This press conference had a lot of twists and turns, but it was very exciting.

Those reporters were still focused on the three victims’ families’ accusations, so they did not notice that Eric bent down to pick up Nicole and left from the side door.

When everyone reacted, Eric and Nicole were long gone.

Nicole was buried in his arms and could smell his warm and rich fragrance. She felt very uncomfortable.

She wanted to scream, but the reporters were inside, and she could not afford the consequences.

Once they were outside, Nicole struggled and tried to get down.

“Let go of me, Eric Ferguson!”

Eric’s arms were strong and sturdy. His face was sullen and somewhat gloomy.

“Don’t move.”

Eric was going crazy these past few days.

His calls and messages went unanswered, so he knew that she was still angry at him.

That was why he came

Seeing that scene earlier, Eric was about to go berserk. What if that water bottle hit her?

There was a black Range Rover parked at the entrance.

Eric approached, bent down, and put her inside, moving gently like she was a feather.

Nicole was still angry with Eric. As soon as he got close, she exploded.

“Go away! I want to get off!”

Eric’s body stiffened for a moment when he heard this. A playful smile suddenly surfaced on his dark face.

“How are you getting off?”

Her right leg was fractured, so walking two steps would hurt her to d***h.

Nicole was even more furious.

Eric did it on purpose.

This b*****d was taking advantage of her in peril!

Although Eric just saved her, her subconscious did not have a single bit of gratitude.

She felt from the bottom of her heart that he did not deserve her gratitude.

Eric took advantage of her silence to push her into the car and sat down next to her with ease.

When he turned around to close the car door, Nicole suddenly noticed that Eric’s shirt was stuck to his back and was wet.

The bottle of water was probably not tightened, so when it smashed on him, his clothes were drenched.

A flash of complexity crossed Nicole’s eyes.

When she was just about to open her mouth, she heard Toto’s cautious voice coming from the front.

“Ms. Stanton, long time no see…”

Toto was ashamed to see Nicole. If Nicole knew that the bad idea was Toto’s, she would not let him off the hook.

Toto only hoped that Eric would not betray him.

When Nicole heard his voice, she realized that there were two other people in front of her – the driver and Toto.

For a moment, her expression was a little unnatural.

“Toto’s here too?”

“If you don’t feel comfortable with me, I can go down…”

Toto smiled cheekily. He did not expect that Eric would use such a b****l method to kidnap Nicole, and surprisingly, Nicole did not go crazy at all.

It seemed that Eric still knew Nicole best.

Nicole’s face stiffened and coldly snorted. “No need.”

Eric sat there lazily. He slowly swept a glance to the front. His voice was dull and cold as he said, “What are you still waiting for? Drive….”


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