The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 788

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One sentence from Eric stunned even Old Master Ferguson.

Age had certainly taken its toll on Old Master Ferguson as he had limited hearing and eyesight. He thought that this matter would only affect the Ferguson Corporation’s image.

He thought that the worst scenario was that Ingrid would be scolded for a few days and it would be fine after a while.

Unexpectedly, the market value of Ferguson Corporation dropped by tens of billions.

For a moment, Old Master Ferguson wanted to plead Ingrid’s case, but he could not bring himself to say it.

When Old Master Ferguson was in control of Ferguson Corporation, the company was still a leader in the industry, but the competition was fierce. Ferguson Corporation’s standing was far lesser than it was now under Eric’s management.

Eric was born to be a business wizard. He was influential and consolidated Ferguson Corporation’s power, pushing Ferguson Corporation to greater heights. He helped consolidate and solidify Ferguson Corporation’s position at the top.

In just a few years, Ferguson Corporation had a legendary status.

This time, the losses were huge. It did not only affect their stocks, but it might even affect the whole company.

Ingrid’s face was glum. This was a big problem.

She only returned to the Ferguson family for a short period and was chased out again?

Eric’s eyes were stern as he picked up the phone and called for a few bodyguards.

Without the consent of the Fergusons, no one would dare to go up to the second floor.

“Ingrid Ferguson, from now on, you’re kicked out of the Ferguson family. You don’t have to come back anymore. I’ll give you a sum of money to leave Mediania. You’re on your own.”

Eric’s cold eyes glanced at her indifferently before he turned and walked out.

That amount would merely keep her from starving to d***h for a month after leaving Mediania.

In the beginning, Eric wanted Ingrid to experience what it was like to work from the bottom so that she could grow up to be more capable to handle a bigger job.

As the Young Lady of the Ferguson family, Ingrid was expected to one day be a part of the company’s management team.

However, after Ingrid came back home, she learned how to be sneaky. Thus, Eric decided that Ferguson Corporation would not need such a pampered young lady.

No one dared to disobey Eric’s command.

A bodyguard came over and carried the crying Ingrid out.

“Brother, I really know my mistake! Please forgive me this time… I won’t dare to do it again! Grandpa…”

Old Master Ferguson would not go against Eric at this time.

In the past few years, Old Master Ferguson had handed over all the power in his hands to Eric, so he was just an empty shell.

He had no power to make Eric let Ingrid go.

Old Master Ferguson thought, ‘Eric thinks he has the final say in kicking out the descendants of the Ferguson family? Am I not the head of the family? What does he take me as?!’

He felt that he could not let Eric stay anymore.

Ingrid’s cries were so miserable that even the butler’s scalp was tingling when he heard them.

Not long after, Ingrid was stuffed into the car and sent to the airport overnight.

Ingrid knew that she had no more hope, and she knew Eric had given up on her.

After leaving the Ferguson family, what else could she do?

Ingrid was the infamous high roller and Young Lady of the Ferguson family who squandered on exclusive luxurious goods.

In just one night, she was berated online and even thrown out of her home.

She could no longer get shelter from the Ferguson family in the future, so what was the difference between her and a dog that lost its family?

Eric stood at the entrance of the Ferguson Villa. His whole face was immersed in the shadow, so it was impossible to distinguish his emotions.

The butler stood on the side with trepidation. Eric’s methods were well known to be ruthless without any regard for feelings. Everything must be done according to the rules.

“Mr. Ferguson, do we need to inform the rest of the Ferguson family about Ms. Ferguson?”

If the others were informed, there would certainly be objections.

With Old Master Ferguson’s coercion, more people would oppose it.

Eric gave the butler a sidelong glance and did not say anything. He just turned around in silence and left.

That one glance made the butler petrified.

The butler was testing the waters, but Eric saw through his thoughts immediately.


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