The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 787

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 787 – Ingrid was still struggling to clear her name, but Eric did not believe a word of it.

Eric wondered how his sister had grown up to be such a liar.

Old Master Ferguson could not stand it, then spoke with a cold tone.

“What do you want to do? She’s your sister! She had good intentions. The public criticism was an accident. Do you want to drive away everyone from the Ferguson family because of that woman?!”

In an instant, the atmosphere in the study became tense.

Old Master Ferguson snorted coldly. “Why don’t you just change your last name to Stanton and see if they will even look at you after you leave the Ferguson family!”

Now that it had come to this point, Old Master Ferguson was not willing to give his grandson, whom he had single-handedly promoted, any more chances.

Eric was going to drag Old Master Ferguson down, so why should he still give Eric the chance to do more damage?

Old Master Ferguson had his own plans in his heart.

Since Eric was not willing to listen to him, it was better to change his heir.

Eric’s black and heavy eyes turned toward the angry Old Master Ferguson.

His voice was deep and austere. “Grandpa, if you don’t mind me changing the Ferguson family’s name to Stanton, I won’t mind either.”

In an instant, Old Master Ferguson’s face turned extremely angry.

“You really want to give the entire Ferguson family away?! I was so blind to have chosen you as my heir in the first place!”

Old Master Ferguson stood up with a trembling body, then took the cane next to him and hurled it at Eric.

He was so angry that he wanted to beat up his rebellious grandson, so he did not hold back on his strength.

Eric was unmoved. His eyes dimmed, and they looked empty.

The cane smashed right onto Eric’s forehead before it fell to the ground.

Eric could have dodged it, but he did not.

The blood on his forehead trickled down and it looked gory.

Ingrid took in a breath of cold air. She was so scared that she did not move.

Eric was shrouded in a dense haze. He looked so vicious that no one dared to approach him.

For a period of time, even the sound of breathing was inaudible.

Old Master Ferguson’s body stiffened. His cloudy eyes narrowed, and his face tightened unpleasantly.

Eric was out of his control. He also knew how obsessive Eric was about things that he could not get.

Eric did not dodge this probably because he knew that he was wrong.

The next second, Eric glanced at his grandfather with dark and deep eyes. The corners of his lips curled into a cruel arc.

“Grandpa, do you feel better now that you hit me?”

Old Master Ferguson’s heart sank for a moment. Before he could speak, Eric spoke again.

“If you feel better, it’s best if you can sign the document so as not to delay everyone’s time.”

Once Old Master Ferguson signed the document, he would have no power in his hands, but he would still have money and status.

Old Master Ferguson was still the most respectable person in Ferguson Corporation.

Eric’s words clearly aroused the anger in Old Master Ferguson’s heart.

He just wanted to beat up his unworthy grandson.


Eric did not pay attention to Old Master Ferguson.

The purpose of his visit was Ingrid.

Eric turned to look at Ingrid, who was limp on the ground. His eyes were cold.

“You’re restless as soon as you come back. It seems that a few months can’t make you learn how to be a better person. Having caused such a big trouble, you still have the nerve to defend yourself?”

Ingrid was so frightened that her lips trembled. She cried.

“I really know my mistake! Brother, please forgive me this time. I don’t want to leave the Ferguson family… I can apologize to Nicole, and I won’t ever mess with her again!”

Eric let out a cold laugh. His dark eyes were indifferent.

“Apologize? Do you think it’s just about Nicole? In just half an hour, Ferguson Corporation lost tens of billions in market value. Our stock price is about to hit its lowest point. Do you think that an apology is useful?”


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