The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 782

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 782 – Nicole let out a light laugh as she glanced over to Eric.

“It already happened, so what’s the use of talking about it? Do you think that you can get what you want by using some unwarranted charge to warn an innocent person?”

“Unwarranted? Do you think that Clayton Sloan is really innocent? It’s not a secret abroad that he has an illicit relationship with his brother’s woman.”

Eric was exasperated by Nicole’s attitude as if nothing mattered because she believed in Clayton.

He could not restrain him self and only wanted her to see through Clayton’s mask.

However, Nicole was completely calm and indifferent.

Nicole already knew of this long ago, and she even knew more than Eric did.

‘His brother’s woman? Isn’t that Lil Michael’s biological mother?’

Nicole did not expect that this fact would sound so harsh to others.

However, she felt that Clayton deserved more respect because he could forgo his reputation just to give Lil Michael a legitimate identity.

Nicole smiled and looked up lightly to glance at Eric.

“Mr. Ferguson, it’s best not to jump to conclusions if you don’t know someone.”

After that, she added another blow.

“Before this, didn’t you also have an illicit relationship with your brother’s woman?”

Wendy Quade was Hendrick’s girlfriend, and Eric had done so much for her back then.

What right did Eric have to accuse others now?

Why did he not reflect on himself?

Eric’s face instantly stiffened as if he had been slapped. He felt embarrassed and dejected.

His mood sank in an instant.

His eyes were dark and deep as he looked at her. He leaned down and encompassed her in his personal space.

“You don’t trust me, and you trust Clayton more, don’t you?”

Eric’s voice was deep and frigid.

Nicole met his gaze calmly and spoke, word for word.

“I believe in the truth.”

Eric’s cold and handsome face was gloomy as he tried to suppress a wave of anger

What she believed in was not the truth. She just did not believe Eric.

Eric’s breathing was extremely heavy. He stared intently at Nicole as his eyes reddened.

The immense anger in him had no outlet.

Eric wanted to curse, hit, and even k**l someone, but looking at the woman in front of him, he unconsciously suppressed his emotions.

His voice was raspy and deep as he said, “Nicole, you can’t do this to me. You have to be fair. I’ve saved you and I can even give my life to you. You can’t fall in love with someone else so quickly…”

‘And even doubt, hurt, and alienate me…’ Eric continued in his mind.

Nicole watched as Eric lost his composure and calmed down a bit.

If he had not saved her, she would not have talked to him so peacefully.

Nicole lowered her eyes slightly. Her expression was clear and cold.

“Mr. Ferguson, I’m talking to you about business, but you’re talking to me about feelings? I know what happened online isn’t your doing, but you can’t rid yourself of it. It doesn’t matter because it’s all in the past.”

Nicole curled her lips and sneered. She had a big move coming soon.

Eric saw Nicole’s attitude. His heart slowly settled down, but bitterness spread quickly through his body. She really did not believe in his innocence.

“I know that I can’t get rid of my connection to this matter. The exposé at night was done by my grandfather. I’ve already dealt with it, so don’t worry.”

His voice was deep. He tried to probe for more in her expression, but there was simply nothing to find.

Nicole was quite shocked by this. ‘So, the real mastermind was Old Master Ferguson? The Fergusons are really birds of a feather. They’re all despicable!’

She laughed lightly. ‘Don’t worry? He wants me to pretend that nothing has happened? Impossible!’

“Then say hello to Chairman Ferguson for me.”

Eric frowned. Nicole had an underlying meaning in her words, but Eric could not understand it.

He just felt that her reaction was a little off.

Eric said, “Then… Are you…”

‘Still angry?’


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