The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 781

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 781 – You’re Angry

Nicole was just about to open her mouth to shout for her third brother and was prepared to k**s the ground when her wheelchair suddenly stopped falling thirty centimeters away from the ground.

It seemed that someone grabbed the wheelchair behind her. Immediately after, the man’s strong and sturdy arms reached over and picked her up along with the wheelchair. Nicole did not look up. She could smell the fragrance of smoke and felt a sullen chill.

Nicole knew without thinking that the man was not from the Stanton Mansion because no one would dare to surprise her like that.

Immediately after, Nicole was placed on the flat ground on the side, and the wheelchair was placed properly and smoothly.

Nicole then saw the calm face that suddenly seemed magnified in front of her eyes.

Eric Ferguson.

‘Was he so impatient from waiting outside that he can’t resist barging in?’

The butler and bodyguard at the door saw him running in and had already chased him over.


Nicole raised her hand. The butler understood her signal and led the others to retreat.

Eric’s eyes were completely bloodshot. His complexion was awful, and the faint smell of smoke on him added to his haggardness.

He bent his knees, squatted in front of her, with one knee on the ground.

“Nicole, I have something to say to you.”

When he was outside and waited until now, he was sure that she would not take the initiative to see him.

However, he refused to leave just like that. If he did not explain this matter to her clearly, things between them would really be over.

Thus, Eric dodged the bodyguards and servants that were standing guard and jumped down from an inconspicuous place.

Eric was a trained soldier and had martial arts skills. Otherwise, he would have been found out even if he did not d*e from jumping down from that high wall.

Fortunately, he came in time and saved the helpless, wheelchair-bound Nicole.

Seeing Nicole’s bewildered and helpless look, Eric felt heartbroken.

Nicole had a cold intent in her eyes, but she still smiled in a detached and polite manner.

“Mr. Ferguson, you don’t even go through the front door now?”

What roguish behavior!

Eric pursed his lips and looked at her with a complicated gaze.

“I just wanted to talk to you, face to face.”

“Sure, go ahead…”

Nicole looked at him with a smirk. She wanted to see what kind of nonsense this b*****d would come up with.

The words were on the tip of his tongue, but Eric did not know where to start.

“I’m sorry for what happened yesterday.”

Nicole raised her eyebrows. “What’s there to be sorry about?”

She pretended not to know.

Eric frowned. “You don’t know?”

“What should I know about? Oh, my phone was broken. Did you contact me?”

Nicole blinked and smiled.

For a moment, the corners of Eric’s taut lips slackened.

“I thought that… You were angry…”

Nicole’s beautiful crystal-like eyes sank slightly.

“Angry? The netizens are berating Clayton, so why should I be angry?”

She wanted to make Eric feel bad and ashamed of himself when he was most relaxed.

Eric’s body stiffened. His eyes were dark and heavy.

His tone carried a faint disappointment. “You already know about it. How could you not know?”

She was just acting so calmly to give him the illusion that she was not aware.

Nicole smirked and snorted coldly. “Mr. Ferguson, are you disappointed that you didn’t achieve what you wanted to? It is a little unexpected that you directed such an underhanded move.”

She did not sustain any actual loss from the insignificant blow except for feeling disgusted.

Eric’s face was taut and glum. His handsome and cold eyebrows were repressed with complicated emotions.

“I didn’t want to involve you. I admit that I did it in the morning, but the one at night wasn’t me.”

His dark eyes were sullen. He looked conflicted as he thought, ‘Will she believe me?’

“I won’t implicate you with such things. I just wanted to warn Clayton Sloan.”


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