The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 779

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 779 – I’m Going to Crush Them

Nicole rolled her eyes. Her third brother was very untactful and always brought up inappropriate people at inappropriate times.

“Was the trending topic taken down?”

Nicole was the best at changing the topic.

Kai nodded and excitedly told her the latest situation.

“It was removed two hours earlier than the time Clayton said. There’s not even a single trace left. The woman’s account was barred. She left a clarification article saying that she was paid to expose this. She and Clayton weren’t familiar with each other at all. She just interned at the investment bank where Clayton worked. The photo posted was a group photo taken during her internship. She cropped it and made it look like a couple-photo.”

Nicole sneered. “She’s looking for trouble?”

Kai raised his eyebrows. “Yeah. The tides turned online. Everyone’s scolding this woman for using their sympathy, but Clayton’s quite a unique guy.”

“How so?” Nicole was baffled. Kai laughed.

“Generally, with these kinds of rumors, the victim would send a lawyer’s letter as a warning. After apologizing, it’ll just disappear. After this woman apologized, Clayton took her apology article and handed it to the police so that she can be arrested with clear evidence. It’s so unambiguous!”

Nicole pulled the corners of her lips. “Well, it’s a waste not to use such good evidence.”

“That’s true, except that the woman tried to flee overnight. The police caught her at the airport. It’s a pity that we didn’t get to see that scene!”

Kai felt very regretful for missing out on such an entertaining scene.

Nicole did not care at all. She was just glad that it was resolved.

“Is there any turmoil in Stanton Corporation’s stock?”

“Oh, because he arrested the rumor-monger, all those accusations against you naturally disappeared. Right now, the netizens just feel heartbroken for you, so our company’s stock rose in a stable trend.”

Nicole breathed a sigh of relief. Her anxious heart settled down.

“That’s good. As long as it doesn’t interfere with me making money, everything will be fine.”

Nicole put down her fork and said, “I’m full. I’m going to give Grant a call.”

Kai frowned and drank the rest of her milk, puzzled.

“Grant said that you should just focus on recuperating. Leave work alone.”

Nicole turned back and let out a cold laugh.

“I’m making my counterattack. I’m going to crush them.”

She said “them”, not just Eric Ferguson alone.

Kai pursed his lips. He was anxious but did not say anything. No one should mess with women.

This was really the truth.

Nicole found her phone, went into the study, and had a half-hour-long conversation with Grant.

When she came out, she was all smiles, as if victory was right ahead.

Then, without going through Kai and Dominic, Nicole contacted the media platform and got someone’s phone number.

Nicole dialed the number, and the other person picked up with a sleepy and hoarse voice.

“Who is it?”

Nicole chuckled. Her voice was gentle as she said, “Hello, are you ‘Dr. Know-It-All? I’m Nicole Stanton, CEO of Stanton Corporation.”

The other party was silent for a few minutes, like he was shocked. He did not expect Nicole to call him personally.

He immediately came to his senses.


Dr. Know-It-All was Nicole’s number one anti-fan. He took other people’s money to spread vicious rumors about Nicole that were very harsh.

He made up everything, from Nicole being a mistress to cheating and other rumors.

Dr. Know-It-All felt guilty because he had quite a few peers that were arrested because of slander.

The money given by his employer was just too tempting.

Nicole laughed. “Don’t be nervous. If I wanted to call the police, I wouldn’t have contacted you personally. There’s a small matter that I need your help with. After it’s done, I’ll give you ten times the commission. I’ll also introduce you to Wave Media to work. How’s that?”


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