The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 778

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 778 – It’s Over Between Them

Eric hung up the phone. He started the car and drove in the direction of Stanton Mansion.

He drove extremely fast. He did not know how long it had been since he felt this thrill. His blood was surging.

When his car stopped at the entrance of the Stanton Mansion, Eric felt cold all over and a little hesitant.

He picked up the phone and dialed Nicole’s number once again.

Her phone was already turned off.

Eric fiercely pounded his fist on the steering wheel. The sharp honk cut through the silent night sky.

It also shocked the people at the Stanton Mansion.

The butler was about to rest. When he heard the sound, he shuddered in fear and got up to look at the surveillance footage at the door. He saw the familiar Range Rover. It was Eric Ferguson.

The butler did not dare to hesitate and went to knock on Nicole’s door.

If Nicole did not respond, he could only let Eric wait outside.

At this late hour, Nicole was still awake. Tigger opened the door for her, wagging its tail happily.

The butler went in. “Miss, Mr. Ferguson has arrived at the door.”

Nicole coldly snorted. “Don’t bother. Don’t let him in from now on.”

She could see clearly how despicable and shameless this man was.

On the surface, Eric was awe-inspiring and influential, but he was too petty.

Nicole really could not endure the rage from today’s incident.

She did not feel sorry for Clayton. She just felt that Eric’s methods were too underhanded.

The butler got the word and answered, “Yes, Miss. Rest early.”

After saying that, he retreated.

The Stanton Mansion was silent, as if they did not know of Eric’s arrival.

At first, Eric was worried that the honk had woken them up, but seeing no movement in the house, he did not know whether to feel glad or disappointed.

Eric was at the door, so close to Nicole, but he felt so far away from her.

In the long, cold silence of the night, he suddenly felt that it was over between them.

A sadness surged from the bottom of his heart. It felt astringent and bitter.

Eric did not sleep for the whole night.

The stubble on his face made him look a little wretched.

The gates to the Stanton Mansion opened, and the car inside slowly drove out. The car left without stopping as if they did not see Eric’s car.

This was the Stanton family’s attitude at this moment.

Suddenly, Eric felt so humble. He was the President of Ferguson Corporation and could have anything he wanted to, yet he was here trying to get acknowledgment from his ex-wife.

If word got out, he wondered how others would laugh at him.

However, Eric did not want to leave. He was anxious for a favor and worried that he would lose her. All he could think of at that moment was that if Nicole just smiled at him, he would willingly give his life to her.

The morning passed very quickly.

In the blink of an eye, it was 9:00 am. Eric’s staff could not find him anywhere, so they called him.

“President, there’s a morning meeting scheduled. The driver went to Imperial Gardens but didn’t see you… Is it convenient for you to attend?”

Mitchell knew that Eric’s mood would not be too good.

However, Mitchell did not dare to have a trace of negligence on work matters.

Eric’s eyes were bloodshot and dull as he looked at the Stanton Mansion.

“Cancel the morning meeting. Unless there’s something important, don’t look for me.”

After that, Eric hung up the phone.

Mitchell thought to himself, ‘Which item isn’t important…’

Eric just waited outside. The butler did not come out to drive him away, and he could not get in either.

Nicole woke up feeling refreshed.

She was also in the mood to do a mask, then adjusted the mode of her wheelchair to lean back slightly as she waited for Kai to make breakfast.

Floyd had an appointment to go out fishing, but when he heard that Eric was at the door, he instantly lost the mood to go out.

Thus, he could only go to the pond in the backyard to catch a few homegrown fish.

The only people at the table were Kai and Nicole. Nicole had a good appetite and bowed her head to eat with gusto.

Kai was a little surprised to hear the butler’s words.

“That son of a b*tch actually waited all night?!”


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