The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 775

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 775 – Create Opportunities for You

The dim light in the study did not have a trace of warmth at this time.

The floor was a mess, and a chill permeated in the air.

Eric stood there with his back against the light. His whole body was immersed in darkness.

His cold and handsome face was half-lit. His dark eyes were as sharp as a blade as he tried to suppress the coldness in them.

Eric truly regretted being soft-hearted and not taking back all of Old Master Ferguson’s power in the beginning.

“Do you know what you’re doing?”

His voice was deep, rough, and hoarse. Eric gritted his teeth as he looked at Old Master Ferguson.

Old Master Ferguson looked at Eric and sneered.

He laughed at Eric’s kind-heartedness. Eric was still too young.

“How can those little tactics work against Clayton Sloan? I’m just adding fuel to the fire so that he would b**n more thoroughly.”

If Eric had not made the first move, Old Master Ferguson would not have been able to get the opportunity to do this.

Old Master Ferguson glanced at him.

“Don’t you hate him for saving Nicole and for being close to the Stanton family? You had the right idea. Public opinion kills, and you can get away with it completely. That way, the Stanton family will dislike the infamous Clayton, then you’ll have a chance.”

Eric only felt a shortness of breath.

His eyes were frigid, and his tone was austere.

“I stopped where I was because I was afraid of implicating Nicole in this. You got someone to expose Clayton’s details so recklessly and dragged Nicole into it. Now, the netizens are all talking about Nicole. Is this what you want?”

Old Master Ferguson smiled calmly.

“Those who achieve great things won’t bother about trivial matters. No one online is optimistic about Nicole and Clayton being together. The Stanton family will only clarify their relationship in order to save their reputation. A notorious man with a child versus an ex-husband with deep feelings. As long as they’re not blind, they’ll be on your side.”

Old Master Ferguson could not stand Eric going to all the trouble for a woman.

Eric was so overcautious. Was he still a man of the Ferguson family?

“Women… It’s more important to make them your own with a little means first. Feelings are such a nebulous thing. It’s useless. She doesn’t even appreciate that you cherish her, so you have to force her into it. It’s not too late to cultivate your feelings once you’re married. I’m doing this to create opportunities for you!”

If the woman that Eric fancied was not the heiress of Stanton Corporation, Old Master Ferguson would not be so tolerant of Eric putting his attention on a woman.

Only a woman with a comparable family background could be used for a marriage alliance.

Flirtatious women were just playthings as a pastime.

There was simply no need for Eric to be too careful with a woman.

Hearing Old Master Ferguson’s words, Eric suddenly became more furious. The chill in his eyes became denser, and his gloomy face was extremely ugly.

“Do you think that the Stanton family won’t get to the root of the matter when Nicole was implicated? Do you think that they will still allow their daughter to marry me? Stop daydreaming! Things will backfire. If you push her to the brink, Nicole is certainly capable of making everyone perish together.”

Old Master Ferguson was shaken. His brows were knitted together. He did not think about that much.

Eric stood there with a stern aura as he glared at Old Master Ferguson.

His voice was deep, ruthless, and cold.

“To avoid such a thing from happening again, I’ve had someone prepare a resignation letter for you to quit the board. Sign it, and I will make it public.”

Eric implied that he was going to let the whole world know that Old Master Ferguson had no power.

The head of the Ferguson family changed.

In an instant, Old Master Ferguson’s face suddenly became unpleasant.

He was shaking with anger, not expecting Eric to do such a rebellious and unfilial thing.

“You b*****d!”


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