The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 762

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 762 – Toto opened his mouth and was silent for a few seconds.

After a while, Toto calmed down and did not forget his mission yet.

“Mr. Ferguson isn’t doing it for the money, it’s for you, Ms. Stanton!”

Nicole’s crystal-like beautiful eyes were stunned for a moment. She seemed to understand the purpose of Toto’s visit.

At that moment, Nicole did not expose Toto’s intentions. She only smiled and continued to eat.

Toto saw that Nicole did not continue the conversation, but he still braced himself and continued, “When Mr. Ferguson found out about your accident, he hasn’t slept for two days. As soon as he got the news, he rushed over like crazy to Sand City, but when he came back, he looked like a completely different person.

Nicole’s hands paused slightly, and her heart trembled unnoticeably.

On that day, Nicole clearly did not see Eric after she woke up.

How could he have gone to Sand City?

Toto said, “Then he came here once, and after he went back, he couldn’t hold on and passed out. He just felt a little better and went back to the office again, keeping himself busy with work. In fact, he wanted to see you, but when I mentioned it, he said that… You don’t want to see him.”

He raised his eyes and stole a glance at Nicole.

Nicole chewed slowly with a calm face. Her demeanor was refined and elegant. Even when eating, she looked so beautiful.

Toto frowned and thought, ‘Why isn’t Ms. Stanton worried? Why didn’t she get soft-hearted? I was already very vocal and emotional!

He pursed his lips, made up his mind, and continued to say, “I haven’t seen Mr. Ferguson looking so dejected like he lost his soul. If such an excellent man like Mr. Ferguson could think of me like that, I think I can d*e without regrets!”

Nicole could not help but snicker. Her eyes twinkled as she looked at him.

“Toto, I’ve always been curious about one thing. Eric’s standard of employing people has always been very high. Mitchell is a top graduate from the world’s top ten famous universities. He could only stay by Eric’s side because of his high caliber and outstanding ability. You’re not a professional butler, but you’ve been chosen to work for him. Is it just because you’re Mitchell’s cousin?”

What she said was euphemistic enough.

Toto’s standards in all aspects did not meet Eric’s hiring requirements.

Before they divorced, even if it was a housekeeper or a cook, Eric fired countless people on the grounds that their appearance did not meet his standards. At the end after picking and choosing, the household chores still fell on Nicole’s shoulders.

Why did Toto, who was not outstanding in appearance or ability, manage to stay by Eric’s side for so long?

Or was there something about Toto that made him outstanding?

Toto paused for a moment. His expression was a little dazed.

‘Of course, it’s because I can help Eric Ferguson to come up with ideas to pursue you!’

However, Toto could not say anything.

He absolutely could not betray Eric.

Toto scratched his head and acted as if he was also puzzled by this question.

“Perhaps… I excel in my survivability and I’m too good?”

Hearing that, Nicole was dumbfounded and gave him a shocked look before she nodded with a light smile

“Mm. That must be the case!”

‘Huh… Who’s he fooling?’ Nicole thought.

However, Nicole had little interest in continuing to probe further. She did not want to ask more questions about Eric’s people.

Toto chuckled and began to talk about his cooking talent.

He was not aware that the topic of “sadfishing” for Eric had been carried away by Nicole.

After Nicole finished eating, Toto quickly began to clean up until it was spotless. He really looked quite professional.

When Toto left, he was talking about how he had practiced his cooking skills in the school cafeteria back then. He was still not done chattering.

However, Nicole was tired, so Toto could only carry the garbage away.

When Toto got downstairs, he realized that something was not right. ‘How did I talk about myself the whole time? What about Eric’s matter?’


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