The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 759

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 759 – Logan looked at Nicole and continued to speak.

“The m******r’s wife and his terminally ill daughter went to Zico Company’s entrance to make trouble and just wouldn’t leave. The wife claimed that we sent her husband to p****n, so they don’t have any income. She insisted that we take responsibility for their living and medical expenses…”

Nicole’s face sank when she heard this. Her voice was cold as h**l. “Are they so shameless?”

The m******r acted like the victim and still had the nerve to ask them for money at their door?

It was truly revolting!

Logan pursed his lips. “Now, it’s quite inconvenient for the staff to go in and out of the office. Every day, they attract a lot of attention. The security guards couldn’t do anything, so Jacob Cook gave them $20,000 to send them away, but because of that, they realized how easy it was to get money and went again the next day. It’s an endless cycle. The most concerning thing is that this will affect the smooth implementation of the project. After all, if this continues, it’ll become a s*****l, and rumors will spread wildly. If this project is shelved, we’ll sustain big losses.”

After that, both of them fell into silence.

Nicole was furious. She was the one who almost got k****d, so what right did the k****r’s family have to ask her for money?

Although Nicole was filthy rich, there was no need to waste a single cent on them.

“Did you call the police?”

Logan nodded. “We’ve reported them a few times, but the m******r’s case hasn’t been pronounced. They also have no other relatives, and she’s a woman with no income and a c****r-ridden daughter. If the wife is detained, the daughter left alone may just d*e….”

He frowned. This was the first time Logan had encountered such a tricky situation.

It was simply more difficult than taking down a lucrative project.

“The police there just warned them twice, but there’s nothing they can do about it. Mr. Lewis said that it’ll be detrimental to the project and affect the overall development of Sand City in case this causes conflicts in public opinion. So, he left it to us to deal with it ourselves.”

Nicole sneered. ‘He’s good at shirking responsibility, huh? How can we even deal with it?’

They would not be able to use any means beyond the legal boundaries openly. Once found out, they would lose the project.

That m******r’s family was truly shameless and roguish.

Nicole took a deep breath. “What did my brother say?”

Logan replied, “President Grant intends to delay the start of the project. Anyway, the daughter has terminal c****r. The doctor said that she could at most live another three months. We might as well wait it out. After three months, the court will have pronounced the sentence, and the m******r’s wife will be easy to deal with.”

Indeed, after a few months when the sentence was pronounced, Stanton Corporation would have the advantage in terms of public opinion and emotion.

At this moment, no matter how aggrieved they were, as long as word spread that the k****r’s daughter had terminal c****r, it would generate sympathy from a part of society.

Once this sympathy was left unchecked, it would taint the project.

Therefore, Grant’s approach was the optimal choice.

Nicole was silent for a while. Logan raised his eyes to look at her.

When Grant first made this decision, Logan felt that Nicole would have a clearer and more concise approach.

After a few minutes, Nicole seemed to remember something and looked up at Logan.

“When is the project scheduled to start?”

Logan said, “The middle of this month.”

“So, there are seven days left…” Nicole mumbled.

Her mind spun rapidly trying to think over all the methods and processes and whether the final result was what she wanted.

Suddenly, she took a deep breath. Her face was calm, but her eyes were clear with cold ripples.

“Contact the media to hold a press conference on the project opening day. This project has failed many times, so it’ll certainly gain a lot of public attention in Sand City. By then, the wife and daughter of that m******r will definitely go to make trouble…”


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