The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 749

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 749 – Grant’s stern gaze dropped as he handed the document to Nicole.

“That man with the scars is indeed Lincoln Zelman’s henchman who specializes in creating accidents at construction sites to delay the work schedule.”

Nicole was aghast. Her eyes sank.

Was it not worth mentioning that Lincoln Zelman treated human life as a child’s play?

Kai slapped his t***h. “D**n! He even has the guts to target Lil N. We can’t let him off the hook like this. Before handing him over to the police, we must teach him a lesson!”

Grant looked at Kai. His jaw tightened, and his expression was a little complicated and dark.

“I’ve investigated this scarface’s family background. He’s a worker from the construction site. The reason why he sold his life to Lincoln Zelman is that his daughter has c****r and needs a large sum of money for treatment. The money for the first few surgeries came from Lincoln Zelman’s payment.”

The room was silent after Grant said this.

The Stantons were not vicious people. They would also be soft-hearted and would also be kind to others.

However, Nicole, who was injured, learned this and felt a million times more conflicted.

Kai was the first to calm down. That was probably because he was used to reading these kinds of dramatic scripts while filming.

After hearing Grant’s words, he was the most disdainful and coldly snorted.

“So, to save his own daughter, he went to k**l other people’s daughters? He’s such a hypocrite! He k****d so many innocent people. Isn’t he afraid that karma will get to his daughter?”

Just because something happened for a reason, it did not mean that it was worth forgiving.

Nicole sympathized with this scarface’s daughter, but that was no reason for him to k**l so many people.

Especially since she had just walked on the thin line between life and d***h, Nicole did not have the heart to care about other people’s misfortune.

Compared to someone who did so many evil deeds, the one who just came back from the d**d was the more unfortunate one, right?

The bit of sympathy in her heart instantly diminished.

She raised her head and looked at Grant. Her tone was indifferent and rational.

“If he made a deal with the devil, he should be prepared to be pulled down. We’re not qualified to forgive him for those that died in his hands, so just leave it to the police.”

Grant had no intention of letting the scarface go. No matter what his reasons were, he would not end well since he dared to make a move on Nicole.

However, Grant was worried that Nicole would be emotional after finding out the reason. That was why before Grant handed over the scarface to the police, he came over to get Nicole’s opinion. Grant did not expect that Nicole was more decisive than he thought.

Thinking of this, Grant knew what to do.

“Okay, I’ll arrange the rest. Don’t worry. We won’t meddle, and we won’t add to his woes.”

This was the bottom line.

What Grant meant was that the Stanton family would not be stupid enough to pay for the scarface’s daughter’s treatment, nor would they be despicable enough to make a move against his daughter.

Nicole nodded. Grant stroked her head and looked at Kai. “I’m going back to the office. Call me if you need anything.”

Kai was indignant. He had already thought of countless ways to avenge Nicole, but he was somewhat bewildered after hearing Grant’s words.

That criminal family got let off too easily.

The room fell into silence again.

Kai saw that Nicole was unhappy and intended to put a projector in her ward to watch movies, then install a karaoke machine. He was explaining his great ideas to Nicole excitedly.

Nicole looked at Kai drearily. ‘Is he planning to live here permanently?! Kai’s a little too happy for not going home to accompany Dad!’

She covered herself with the quilt and let out a long sigh. “K, I wanna rest. You can go out to have fun…”

Kai thought, ‘Hmph! She has no conscience!’

He indignantly opened the door and ran out. ‘There are so many people who want me to accompany them to bed. Lil N really doesn’t know how blessed she is to have me!’


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