The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 746

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 746 – Floyd’s attitude toward Clayton was a lot more enthusiastic. After all, Clayton was the one who saved Nicole, so he was totally different from Nicole’s usual suitors.

“Clayton, you should get some rest. Are you feeling better now?”

Clayton nodded. His eyes shifted to Nicole. Seeing her right leg in a cast, his pupils shrank fiercely.

Nicole smiled. “It’s just a fracture and will be fine soon. Mr. Sloan, thank you.”

This gratitude was from the bottom of her heart.

In that situation, her reaction was not as fast as the speed of the car. If not for Clayton, Nicole would have sustained more injuries than just a fracture on the right leg.

Clayton’s eyes were still a little red. His face was pale as he curled the corners of his lips into a weak smile.

“Well, I’m glad that you’re okay.”

Kai laughed at the side. “I think we should go out and let Lil N talk to Mr. Sloan alone!”

Clayton looked at Kai gratefully.

Floyd slapped Kai on the back of his head. “Nonsense! At this time, we should be together as a family! Clayton’s family isn’t here, so we’re his family now. How can we leave at this time? They’re both patients, so what if they pass out?”

Kai touched his head with a dumbfounded look, then nodded obediently.

“Yeah, Dad is the most thoughtful…”


Floyd rolled his eyes and hurriedly went over to support Clayton.

“Come, Clayton. The car is ready. We’re just waiting for you. We’ve contacted the hospital in West City, so you’ll get the best treatment. I’m your Uncle Floyd now and will make sure that you’re in the best of health!”

Floyd’s enthusiasm for Clayton doubled, especially after knowing that Clayton and Nicole have the same blood type.

Clayton was flattered and went over to sit down.

Grant raised his eyebrows inadvertently. Floyd had always kept a distance from Nicole’s suitors. Even Eric Ferguson could only address him as “Chairman Stanton”, so did Clayton.

Now, Floyd even called himself “Uncle Floyd”?

This transformation was a bit strange.

Nicole smiled and looked at the nervous Clayton. She comforted him.

“My dad is truly grateful to you. He’s always been friendly and affectionate, so you don’t have to feel so restrained, Mr. Sloan.”

Kai was speechless. ‘Friendly and affectionate? Huh…’

Clayton smiled and nodded. His warm face carried a hint of sickly weakness. “Then sorry to trouble you, Uncle Floyd.”

“Don’t worry about it!”

To make the patients feel as comfortable as possible, Floyd had someone drive two Rolls-Royces that had unparalleled stability and comfort.

Clayton and Grant shared one car, while Floyd, Kai, and Nicole shared the other.

Kai poked Nicole’s right leg that was in a cast from time to time. “Does it hurt?”

Initially, it was only a slight stabbing pain, but once the anesthetic wore off, the dense pain penetrated her bones.

Nicole rolled her eyes. ‘Kai is so annoying! Why can’t the heavens take him?’

It was actually very painful, but Nicole was afraid that Floyd would get worried and would delay their journey home, so she just smiled.

“Nope, it doesn’t hurt. It’s the kind of slight pain that’s still tolerable!”

Floyd glanced at his strong daughter with heartache and looked at the handsy Kai with distress.

“Do you think she’s you? You’d get pain killers just for stomach aches and like to broadcast all your little injuries to the world. Your sister is much stronger than you are!”

Kai silently lowered his head. ‘Is it my fault that I have a low pain tolerance?’


Another car.

The atmosphere inside the car was silent and cold.

The driver did not speak. Grant did not know what to say, and Clayton did not know how to initiate conversation.

Halfway through the journey, Grant suddenly thought of something and asked, “Mr. Sloan, why did you go to Sand City all of a sudden?”

Sand City was far less developed than West City and Atlanta, and the development potential was not that great.

How could Clayton Sloan, a returnee and big-name investor on Wall Street, go to Sand City?

“To see Nicole.” Clayton was frank. He smiled, and his voice was warm and elegant.


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