The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 743

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 743 – Jacob Cook spoke in a panic. “What should I do? If Chairman Stanton finds out that something happened to Ms. Stanton while she’s here with me, I really can’t afford the consequences…”

Logan said, “Mr. Cook, just handle your tasks well. I’ve notified Chairman Stanton and Ms. Stanton’s brothers about her accident, so they’ll come soon. We just need to cooperate with the police and provide evidence.”

Logan’s voice sounded calm as he deeply suppressed the fear that was hard to hide.

He did not dare to imagine what the consequences would be if Nicole died.

That would be his dereliction of duty!

Logan could only force himself to calm down because handling matters calmly in the face of danger was his profession.

Nicole looked at the warm sunshine outside the window and the branches that were swaying with the wind.

At that moment, she could only think about the blinding light in the darkness as well as the extremely fast truck that rushed to her.

Nicole shuddered and sighed with relief.

Logan was closely watching her movement in the ward. When he saw Nicole open her eyes, he excitedly pushed the door in.

His voice became a little choked up. “President…”

Nicole blinked. She realized that it seemed to be true. “Did you catch the person?”

Her voice was a little dry and hoarse.

Logan hurriedly went over and poured her a cup of warm water, then handed her a straw.

Nicole took a sip and felt better. Her mind cleared up.

“Yes, we got him. The bodyguard protecting you covertly didn’t let him go. His truck knocked over a big tree, and he fainted by himself. Now, he’s in the police station for questioning. He’s the same man who showed up at the construction site.”

Logan methodically reported what he had investigated to her.

Nicole was Logan’s mainstay. Since she was fine, everything he did was worthwhile.

She nodded and suddenly remembered something.

“The one who saved me… Was it Clayton Sloan?”

Logan nodded heavily. “Mr. Sloan just got off the plane in Sand City. He’s here on business and asked me for your address saying that he wants to send you dinner. I…”

He also sent a text message to Nicole to tell her about Clayton’s arrival.

However, Logan only realized after the car accident that the text message was in an unread state.

Nicole looked around and did not see Clayton.

“Where is he?”

Logan lowered his eyes that were a little red.

“President, your blood type is special, and the blood bank here doesn’t have your blood type in store. It was too late to go to West City, so Mr. Sloan donated his blood to you.”

Nicole’s eyes shook slightly, obviously a little surprised.

This fact made her tremble slightly. She even panicked a little. The grievance she felt deep in her heart surfaced, and she felt the urge to cry.

“You lost too much blood, so Mr. Sloan donated over twice the recommended volume. He’s now lying in the ward and hasn’t woken up yet…”

Unexpectedly, Clayton had the same blood type as Nicole.

Nicole was in a momentary daze, but the emotions in her heart were overwhelming.

The panic and wretchedness reminded her of the three years she spent with Eric, when she gave blood to another woman time and time again, wearing out her life and patience.

Nicole knew very well the scarcity and preciousness of this blood type. To best protect his daughter, Floyd funded a blood bank at a private hospital in West City that regularly looked for people to donate blood at high prices in case of emergencies.

However, Nicole was willing to put her life and dignity under the feet of others in order to please Eric. She even gave her previous blood to her love rival repeatedly. Even so, what did she get in return?

She was just humiliating herself over and over again.

The humility that Nicole desperately wanted to forget felt like a thousand insects were gnawing at her bones. At this moment, she felt the pain vividly.

What was the difference between her back then and the current Clayton Sloan?


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