The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 733

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 733 – Nicole smiled. “There may be gossip about me in the next two days. As long as it doesn’t affect our stocks, just let it be, okay?”

Floyd frowned. “What do you mean by that?”

Nicole thought about it and told Floyd about the Carter family’s situation.

Floyd was silent for a while and sighed. “After Old Master Carter lost his favorite grandson, he had no interest in the company. It’s really pitiful. If there’s anything you guys can do to help, you mustn’t reject them.”

Nicole and Kai nodded obediently.

At Stanton Tower.

As soon as Nicole got out of the car, she saw Ian, who was stopped at the front desk.

He was big and tall and looked dapper in his suit. His charming eyes were glimmering. Ian looked completely different from yesterday’s wretchedness. Ian was an elegant and distinguished gentleman and really deserved to be recognized as a handsome man in the gentry circle.

Ian held a large bouquet of flowers that looked very grand.

The receptionist saw this and dared not let him in because of such an obvious display of love.

As soon as Nicole went into the lobby, Ian breathed a sigh of relief and opened his arms wide. “Honey, I haven’t seen you for a few days. I missed you so much!”

The receptionist nervously took out her phone, ready to get the security guards to come and protect their President Nicole!

She inadvertently swept a glance and saw Nicole smiling brightly and running toward Ian.

The receptionist rubbed her eyes. ‘Am I hallucinating? Is that woman the noble, elegant, reserved, and gentle President Nicole?’

The two embraced each other in public as if they were a pair of intimate lovers.

This happened so suddenly. The information was too much to handle.

People passing by stopped and watched this scene in shock, yet they dared not stare for too long.

Soon, after everyone took in that scene, the couple went into the President’s exclusive elevator hand in hand.

When they reached the elevator, they calmed down.

Nicole asked, “Have you contacted the reporter?”

Ian took out his phone and looked at it. “Don’t worry, they have what they need.”

Ian was in Nicole’s office for fifteen minutes before he left reluctantly.

The news spread in less than half an hour.

At once, a wave of turmoil surged on the internet that had its short moment of peace earlier.

“Nicole Stanton and Ian Carter are childhood friends and sweethearts. The two are suspected to have started dating.”

Nicole looked at the comments below this news article and could not help but smile.

[Wow! They look so good together! What a handsome man and beautiful woman!]

[I’m so envious of Ms. Stanton! She changes boyfriends like she changes clothes. Expensive and beautiful clothes at that!]

[My heart aches for Mr. Ferguson…]


‘Very good! The effect is better than I expected!’ Nicole thought.

Ferguson Corporation.

Eric came out after the meeting and took his phone from Mitchell.

Mitchell wanted to speak but stopped.


Mitchell was so scared.

“Speak.” Mitchell opened the webpage for him. “President, don’t be impulsive… This must be some tabloid reporters writing nonsense…”

Eric took a glance. His eyes instantly turned austere and dark. There was an abrupt chill coming from his body.

He fiercely slammed the phone, which broke instantly.

Mitchell warily followed him to the office. Eric’s body was exuding a strong hostility.

The emotions that Eric had suppressed in his heart seemed to have found an outlet.

The photo of Nicole and Ian hugging was like a thorn in Eric’s heart.

Eric still vividly remembered how Ian pursued Nicole back then.

‘She would rather give Ian a chance than me?!’ Eric thought.

“Take it down!”

Eric gritted his teeth. His eyes were overwhelmingly cold.

Mitchell immediately called the person in charge of the platform.

After a while, the news did not show any sign of disappearing. Instead, the discussion was increasing.

Mitchell braced himself and walked back into Eric’s office. “President… The platform said that Dominic Young from Falcon Entertainment insisted on keeping this on the trending topics.”

This implied that Nicole wanted to be on this trending topic herself.


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