The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 732

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 732 – Nicole and Julie stopped in their tracks.

They looked at Ian incredulously.

Nicole calmed down for a moment before speaking. “Hasn’t your family always been quite open-minded?”

The Carter family always favored and pampered their children.

Nicole was aware of that. After Ian’s brother passed away, the Carters’ love for Ian became even more indulgent. Ian could get whatever he wanted. Even if they were mad at Ian, they would hardly reprimand him.

Ian even squeezed out a few tears. “That was before! Carter Corporation’s internal affairs have been a mess ever since Grandpa’s health deteriorated. Everyone began to seize power, and the one that’s been going against us insisted on marrying their daughter to me. Otherwise, he’ll drive our family out of Carter Corporation.”

Nicole was shocked for a while. She was not clear about the internal affairs of Carter Corporation, but she was surprised that the Carters did not notice that a shareholder had seized power to such an extent.

“How did such a big thing happen to your family all of a sudden?”

Ian paused for a moment. His voice was hoarse.

“I’ve never cared about the company’s affairs. The shareholders in the company are my grandpa’s aides, but they suddenly betrayed us. I didn’t even dare to tell Grandpa about it. I’m afraid that he’ll d*e from anger…”

Nicole and Julie looked at each other, then cast a sympathetic glance at Ian.

Ian, the hand-off boss, encountered a big problem that he simply could not solve.

The three people sat there, thinking hard about a solution. At some point, Ian started crying again.

Julie looked at him with disgust.

Nicole paused for a moment. “Um… Is that woman pretty?”

‘If she’s tolerable, Ian can compromise first and fight back later…’ Nicole thought.

Ian’s cries became more intense. “She’s eleven years older than me and divorced…”

Nicole and Julie were speechless.

Poor Ian!

It seemed that Ian would never compromise willingly.

Julie thought about it and proposed.

“Actually, it’s not impossible to turn this situation around…”

Nicole and Ian looked at her.

Julie smiled. “Just find a more reliable alliance, secretly collect those people’s weaknesses, and crush them slowly. You should prepare yourself for both eventualities.”

The two others were silent.

Where would Ian find a more reliable person to marry?

Julie winked at Nicole. Nicole then pointed at herself, “With me?”

‘I need to sacrifice myself?’ Nicole thought.

Julie nodded.

“Not a real marriage, just a signal to the outside world. Stanton Corporation’s background is big enough that those people will think twice about it.”

Nicole paused and pondered for a moment.

“Actually, I think that if you’re really not interested in managing the company, why don’t you get professional managers to keep an eye on it for you? You can just take a back seat and still hold power. That way, others won’t scheme against you. Of course, this is all for later. Now, it’s more important to solve this problem. If you need my help, I can cooperate with you…”

Anyway, this was all an act. Nicole did not feel like she would lose anything as long as it could help Ian.

She could not just stand by and watch him go bankrupt.

Ian sniffled and suddenly reached out to hug his besties.

“You guys are the best! I love you guys!”

Julie and Nicole speechlessly rolled their eyes and immediately pushed him away.

“Don’t get sappy!”

They came up with a plan and went back to their own homes.

Early the next day.

It was snowing outside. The ground was white, even the tree branches had a thick layer of snow.

After Nicole got up, she dressed up meticulously and picked an eye- catching dress.

When she went downstairs, Kai took a look and asked, “Are you going on a date?”

Floyd raised his eyes. “Don’t be ridiculous. Your sister’s beauty just can’t be concealed at all!”

Kai was speechless.


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