The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 721

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 721 – Eric was just about to find a laptop to plug in the flash drive when Nicole’s warm hand reached over and took it away.

“Mr. Ferguson, this is mine.”

Eric raised his eyebrows. “I was just wondering why your person gave this to me.”

Nicole laughed and did not say anything.

Of course, it was only because Xandria wanted to offer everything to Eric.

“She’s blind. It won’t happen again.”

Before Eric could ponder about what was wrong with Nicole’s tone, he watched as Nicole took out her phone.

She called Logan directly.

“Tell the HR department to fire Xandria now.”

Logan did not ask any questions and dared not delay for a moment. He immediately did as he was told.

From the beginning, Logan had a feeling that Xandria could not stay too long in Stanton Corporation.

Xandria just walked out of the hotel lobby when she received a notice that she was dismissed and that she did not need to go back to the office again. Her name was completely removed from the company’s system.

She panicked and was confused.

When Xandria called back to ask for clarification, they did not even bother to answer her calls.

Xandria used to flaunt her identity as Nicole’s relative and acted like she was above others, so she left a bad impression on her colleagues.

Once Xandria left, everyone was happy.

Xandria had no choice but to call Jacob.

Jacob had been warned by Nicole and was apprehensive. Hearing that Xandria was fired, he immediately felt relieved.

Luckily, he was not implicated.

“Mr. Cook, is this the company’s mistake? Can you call the company to ask about it? I didn’t do anything wrong…”

Jacob was speechless and told her frankly without any euphemism in his tone from before. “Who did you just give that flash drive to?”

Xandria was stunned. “I…”

“Eric Ferguson is our rival in this project, but you gave him such a confidential document. Xandria, betraying company secrets is against the law.”

Xandria’s face turned pale with fear. “Mr. Cook, I saw that he was there and Ms. Stanton wasn’t, so I entrusted him to pass it on to her.”

“Xandria, I can’t stop you from wanting to climb up the social ladder. I’ve been in the company for so many years and I’m not so blind to this point. There’s no problem with the company’s decision to dismiss you. If you have objections, you can sue the company.”

After that, Jacob hung up on her. He felt like he was really unfortunate to have met Xandria.

Xandria shuddered in fear. She immediately understood that Nicole must have also been in the hotel just now. Otherwise, the procedure would not have gone through so quickly.

She felt guilty but more anxious. She did not dare to make a big deal out of it as she was afraid that she simply had no power to retaliate if the Stantons decided to go against her.

Thus, Xandria accepted her fate and went back to the office to do the formalities.

Nicole finished handling everything and went over to Eric. “Let’s go.”

Eric got up. “Where to?”

“I had someone book a restaurant.”

Eric was speechless.

Nicole walked in front. Eric chased after her and said in a deep and cold voice, “This time was an accident. I’ll get Mitchell to handle all the damages.”

Nicole smiled. “No need. I’ve already taken care of it all.”

“Next time, I’ll definitely make you a meal that you love.”

Today, Eric finally learned that cooking turned out to be quite difficult.

However, he liked challenges and overcoming difficulties, so he wanted to learn.

Nicole heard this and forced a smile.

“Mr. Ferguson, don’t force yourself. I understand your good intentions.”

‘Please let the kitchen go!’

The restaurant that Logan booked was a fine-dining restaurant, so as per usual, they booked out the venue.

Nicole did not want others to see her and Eric eating together.

She simply ordered what she wanted to eat and handed the menu to Eric.

Eric did not even look at it and said, “I’ll have the same thing.”

Nicole raised her eyebrows and gave him an odd look.

She only ordered a fruit salad…


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