The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 718

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 718 – Eric smiled when he saw that Nicole was staring at the gun in her hand.

“You like it?”

Nicole paused for a moment and gave it back to him.

“A fake can also scare people?”

The smile in Eric’s eyes deepened. He put it away and said, “I have the real one with me. If you shoot, I’ll follow up for you, so you don’t have to be afraid.”

This way, he would take all responsibility, so she did not have to be afraid of anything.

Eric simply wanted Nicole to do whatever she wanted.

Nicole was stunned. Her heart trembled slightly as she looked at him sideways.

“Why did you come?”

Eric’s smile faded slightly. “I told you that these are deep and dangerous waters, so how can I be assured that you’re here alone?”

His voice was low and raspy as it echoed in the car.

Nicole curled the corners of her lips. “Thank you, but aren’t you afraid that I’ll take the lead and come by to talk to Mr. Lewis about this project?”

Eric’s eyes faintly flickered. He suddenly looked at Nicole.

“You don’t trust me?”

Nicole said, “Between us, there’s no basis for trust, right?”

She told the truth.

The car was silent for a few seconds.

Nicole could feel the eerie chill from Eric’s body.

How strange.

“Then are you going to meet Mr. Lewis?”

Eric pursed his lips and paused for a moment. “Yes.”

He had a tight schedule and originally wanted to talk to Mr. Lewis about the project. It was just that he felt frustrated that Nicole exposed his intentions.

It was as if what he did for her was not purely because of her.

Nicole laughed. ‘Haha! This b*****d!’

Although the two of them were in competition, they were using completely different methods and had no conflict. It was still unknown who would emerge as the winner.

Eric glanced at her. “Take these back to Atlanta for the investigation. It’s too dangerous to stay here.”

Nicole raised her eyebrows. She smiled and did not respond to his words.

“Anyway, I still have to thank you for today.”

Eric smiled a little. His eyebrows were relaxed.

‘Then how do you want to thank me?’

Before he could say these words, Nicole interrupted his thoughts.

“To thank you, I’ll treat you to dinner.”

Eric raised his eyebrows. This was the first time Nicole invited him to dinner.

Although it was a far cry from the “thank you” he had imagined, it seemed like a nice moment to be able to have a calm meal with her alone.

“Are you cooking?” Eric asked.

Nicole slightly averted her gaze. ‘This b*****d is thinking too far ahead of his time.

“No, if you want, you can cook.”

‘How dare he ask me to cook?!’

Nicole had refused to step into the kitchen for a long time. She definitely would not go in there to be subjected to the fumes again.

Those three years that she was married to Eric had worn out her patience.

Eric lowered his eyes to hide the disappointment in them. His tone was sullen. “Okay, I’ll cook.”

He also wanted to see what kind of feeling it was to cook for the person he likes.

Nicole secretly rolled her eyes. ‘Who knows what this guy is up to? Him cooking? Huh…’

The all-powerful President Ferguson was about to suffer his first defeat.

The car stopped at the hotel owned by Stanton Corporation.

Nicole got out of the car.

Eric followed her out and raised his eyes. “I’ll have someone prepare the ingredients, then I’ll come to you in the evening. You can take a rest first.”

Nicole watched as Eric got back into his car. Logan then came over. “President…”

She turned around and got into the elevator.

“Find a trusted third-party agency to work together with our people and find out the problems with the ledgers, then hand them over to the relevant authorities in four hours.”

Logan was slightly shaken. ‘So quick?’

Her eyes were clear. “We can’t wait until tomorrow because Lincoln Zelman will be back. Our speed must be so fast that they won’t know what hit them.”


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