The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 715

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 715 – Nicole said, “No need. Backup will be too slow to be of any help. They’re here for the ledgers.”

Hector’s series of reactions was by no means his own ideas, which further proved that there were big problems with the accounts.

Nicole pursed her lips and racked her brain for a plan.

If Hector took away the ledgers today, then they would never have the chance to get it back again.

Hector knocked on the car window and impatiently flashed a disgusting smile.

“Ms. Stanton, come down and let’s talk! Since you’re so sincere about wanting this project, I’ll let you and your people leave safely as long as you leave the books.”

This scene was already shocking enough. Anyone who saw this would have been scared sh*tless.

Nicole slowly lowered the car window, revealing her beautiful and bright features with a smile on his face. However, her eyes were covered in coldness.

“Mr. Leach, unless I let go of it myself, no one can snatch away what’s in my hands.”

Hector shuddered. He panicked and felt his bones tingle, but he soon swept away the fear. ‘Why should I be afraid of a woman? I have enough men, and I’m strong enough. Why would I be afraid of a woman’s aura?’

He laughed. “Ms. Stanton, you must be joking. This isn’t a place for you to call the shots.”

Hector looked down at the woman in the car. In the past, he hooked up with many small-time models, but he could not even touch a beauty like Nicole.

“But if you say a few nice things, maybe I’ll let you have what you want…”

Hector was playing Nicole.

He was still in deep thought while his eyes were filled with greed. Suddenly, the car door opened from the inside. Nicole got off with great speed, and Hector was pushed to the ground by the door.

Hector instantly snapped back to his senses.

He glared at the woman furiously. “You stupid b*tch! Can’t you see the situation? How dare you hit me?!”

Nicole was in her high heels and looked down at Hector, who was lying on the ground, from a high position.

She sneered and slowly walked over. “I’m just letting you know who’s in charge here.”

Nicole then pulled out the baseball bat that had been lying idle in the car. Her eyes had a frightening, dense chill as she waved the bat at Hector.

Hector watched incredulously and could not help but shout, “What are y’all waiting for?! Get her!”

Although he brought a lot of people with him, he did not intend to make a move. He just wanted to scare this woman.

Who knew that this woman was always so unpredictable and simply did not go by the book?

She used violence to fight violence!

The pain on Hector’s shoulder made him speechless. He was dripping with cold sweat.

Hector never imagined that he would get defeated by this woman twice that day. ‘F*ck!’

Seeing this, Hector’s men rushed over, looking very fierce and domineering.

Nicole’s bodyguards did not remain indifferent. They formed a circle around Nicole’s car. Their tall and strong bodies formed a human wall.

Hector’s men, who had not undergone professional training, waved the clubs in their hands and shouted, “Let’s fight!”

Everyone rushed forward. In an instant, the scene was very chaotic.

Nicole narrowed her eyes and looked at Hector with a bit of disdain and ruthlessness in her eyes.

Hector did not know how this beautiful woman could be so fearless.

He was instantly petrified.

This situation was simply out of control.

Nicole stood there in her high heels and looked so high and mighty like she did not care about his crowd of people.

Before a winner was determined, Nicole already assumed the attitude of a victor, indifferent and calm.

Hector was hit by the bat and felt dizzy, but he soon calmed down.

He felt a piercing pain, but if he continued to lie here, he would soon receive a second blow.

Hector struggled to get up from the ground and stared at the woman with a deadly glare. There was no longer any trace of greed in his eyes.

He dared not!

Just then, Hector saw a familiar person slowly approaching from the other side of Nicole’s car with a bloodthirsty smugness in his eyes.


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