The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 714

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 714 – Hearing Nicole’s order, the people behind her rushed up. Two of them pressed down Hector Leach, who wanted to resist.

The rest of Nicole’s men were very decisive and orderly as they took away several boxes of ledgers under Hector’s table.

Hector stared at them in disbelief. ‘WTF! Is this woman robbing me?!’

The whole ordeal took less than five minutes. Logan came over and made a gesture. Nicole then waved her hand to signal the bodyguard to let go of his hand that was covering Hector’s mouth. Hector gasped for air.

He was anxious and angry. “You…”

Nicole smiled innocently. “Us checking your accounts has been agreed by the authorities. If you and Mr. Zelman have any comments, just take it up to the authorities. Oh, you can also call the police.”

She was sure that these kinds of corrupt people would not go to call the police.

As for the rest, a push or two would get them to yield. In less than a few days, they could finish checking all the accounts.

In fact, there was absolutely no need for Eric to worry about Nicole. From the time she decided to come over, she had already investigated everything here.

Instead of letting others take the initiative, it was better for her to do it herself.

Who was the more pugnacious one between them?

Nicole flashed a perfect smile. When she turned around, her smile converged, and she walked out in her high heels in big strides.

The rest of the people retreated one by one.

Hector’s face was extremely ugly. He immediately picked up the phone and called Lincoln Zelman, the President of Zico Company, in a panic.

He reported what just happened with trepidation and waited for Lincoln Zelman to say something.

They thought of countless ways to make things difficult for Nicole, but no one expected that this woman’s means would be so unpredictable and upfront.

She even dared to confront them.

Lincoln Zelman pondered for less than three seconds before he cursed. “D**n it! You can’t even deal with a woman and can’t even watch over a few books? Just wait to be imprisoned!”

Hector’s face was pale as he trembled with fear.

“M-Mr. Zelman, what should we do?”

“Go and chase them! At all costs!”


They had always been hovering on the edge of the law and had always gotten away with it time and time again. Gradually, they were emboldened. Having tasted the sweetness of violence, they could no longer quit.

Inside the car.

Nicole sat in the car and casually looked at one of the accounts. Her smile was bitterly cold.

“No wonder Hector refused to let us take it away all at once. There are so many flaws. If it’s brought up to the authorities, it’ll add up to life imprisonment.”

Logan’s eyes flickered slightly. “We still have to be careful…”

Just as he said this, the car jerked to a halt.

The driver’s stammering voice came from the front. “M-Ms. Stanton, there are several cars in front. It’s as if… They’re targeting us.”

Nicole looked over and saw several cars in front and behind, blocking their path. They were unable to move forward and could not retreat.

Her face instantly sank. She snorted coldly.

“Hector Leach sure acts fast…”

Logan was on guard. “President, I’m afraid that we don’t have enough manpower.”

They only brought a dozen bodyguards, but the other party in front of them had at least twenty.

However, the bodyguards they brought were well-trained. If they start to fight, they should not be at a disadvantage, but if this continues…

This was Zico Company’s territory, so they certainly would not lose in terms of manpower. Logan was more worried about the follow-up problem.

Nicole looked through the car window and saw a huge, undisciplined formation.

It turned out that there was a reason that this project was so difficult to take up.

Immediately after, Hector got down from the car and laughed unrestrainedly.

He had so many gangsters around, so how could he be afraid of those few people brought by Nicole?

“Ms. Stanton, did I scare you?”

Logan looked nervously at Nicole. “President, don’t move. I’ll get back up now…”

Nicole reached out to stop him. It was already too late…


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