The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 706

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 706 – Nicole reached out and caressed the ring on her hand. It was cold, elegant, delicate, and beautiful.

Logan said, “By the way, Mr. Ferguson participated in a program and surprisingly wore ‘The Single’, bringing us a lot of hype and traffic. Everyone online is talking about it. Do we need to respond?”

When Nicole heard Eric’s name, she felt like her head was about to explode.

They clearly did not cross paths, but Eric seemed to be lingering in her life every day.

It was so weird, like a ghost haunting her.

Nicole paused for a few seconds before she recovered her expression. “No, let him act in his own one-man show.”

Logan nodded and knew what Nicole meant. He then arranged the next steps.

It was late afternoon.

Nicole picked up Jacob Cook and took Logan with her to the vacation villa where she had made an appointment.

To socialize with people of this status, secrecy was most important. Thus, they went to the vacation villa in which the general public could not enter. There were all kinds of entertainment facilities inside.

Jacob felt a little dizzy after looking at documents all afternoon. He was a little surprised to be pulled over to socialize because the speed of getting an appointment was unimaginably fast.

Nicole lowered her head to read and reply to emails on her phone and did not have time to pay attention to him. When she was finally free, Logan handed her a cup of chia pudding with bananas and berries to fill her stomach before drinking alcohol.

She took a look at the nervous Jacob and smiled.

“Mr. Cook, there’s no need to be nervous. This is all child’s play for you.”

Jacob wiped his sweat. “Ms. Stanton, I don’t understand. Based on the document you showed me, that project has been on hold for a long time and is pretty rotten. Is this appointment related to this project?”

Nicole blinked. Her almond eyes brightened up.


Jacob was dumbfounded. He froze for a moment and immediately explained.

“We’re going through a real estate recession now, so everyone wants to get rid of their land. That piece of land especially has changed a few hands and bankrupted those companies, so everyone is avoiding it. Ms. Stanton, why are you still interested in that piece of land?”

Nicole looked out of the car window. Her gaze was firm and determined. Her fair and translucent skin shone under the light, and her courageous energy was fatally attractive.

Jacob was stunned for a moment. Nicole suddenly turned back to look at him with a bright and beautiful smile.

“In times of failure, someone ought to rush forward. We’ve put real estate on hold for a long time but never left this industry. Real capability is being able to stir up a pool of stagnant water. Besides, as far as I know, this project in Sand City is ready to restart because there will be big developments in Sand City in these two years.”

Nicole only said so much. She heard reliable news from elsewhere, but she could not elaborate on it.

Jacob should be able to understand this.

If Sand City authorities could list this project as a must-develop project, then the policies in all aspects would be extremely favorable for the developer.

With the support of the authorities and Stanton Corporation as a backer, they would not lose.

In an instant, Jacob felt a surge of energy all over his body, making him feel uplifted as if he was young again. Even if they endured plenty of hardships, they would not admit defeat.

Jacob looked at Nicole on the side and had a new understanding of this woman.

When the car arrived, Logan went down to open the door.

As soon as Nicole got out of the car, Logan reminded her in a low voice. “Mr. Lewis just arrived. He’s at the entrance.”

Nicole looked up and saw two people standing by the car. Just as she lifted her foot intending to walk over, she suddenly saw Eric Ferguson beside another car.


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