The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 705

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 705 -Nicole looked up. Her facial features were stunning, and her temperament was clear. Her indifference was something that came from her bones. She sat opposite Xandria, who was standing, it was like looking at two opposite ends of the spectrum.

“Xandria, you should know how you managed to get into the company. With your resume and ability, it’s impossible for you to join Stanton Corporation. Since we’re relatives, I didn’t tell HR to dismiss you immediately and gave you a chance to see your performance. If you continue to take advantage of our relationship and try to act like you’re special in the company, I’ll make it so that no company will want to hire you after I dismiss you!”

Nicole smiled faintly as if she was talking about a trivial matter, but Xandria’s face went white.

She was threatening Xandria. It was simply a n***d threat!

However, it just so happened that Xandria could not say a word in response to that threat.

In the end, she could only purse her lips.

“Nicole, I was hired by the company through normal channels. My education and professional history weren’t forged, so it’s only natural that I could join the company…”

Nicole’s lips curled. She picked up Xandria’s resume from the side and threw it at her unceremoniously.

Since they had come to this point, there was no need for Nicole to continue showing her any respect.

“Xandria, your education and professional history aside, you wrote on your resume that you worked as an intern in one of the top 50 companies in the world, but when I called to ask, they denied it on the spot. Also, you wrote that you participated in the school’s scientific research project and won great recognition, but when I got in touch with your school, your teacher said that you were in the project team for less than a week, and you took the initiative to quit because you couldn’t keep up with the progress. How dare you write that you participated in it?”

Nicole exposed the fraud on her resume one by one, making Xandria’s face pale with every word she said.

Xandria’s expression was hideous.

She did not think that Nicole would actually call to verify the contents of her resume!

Nicole looked at her coldly. “Just by the fact that you falsified your resume, you’re not supposed to stay here anymore. If you want to pass the internship period smoothly, work honestly. I’ll have your assessment results verified again according to your performance.”

After a three-second pause, Nicole thought of something and looked at her with a smile.

“By the way, you should know that the relationship between us is only because my dad is too sentimental. It’s fine for you to pretend in front of him, but if you dare to spread rumors everywhere in the office, I’ll have no choice but to put a note down in your file.”

Nicole spoke with a smile. She had no choice. Since Xandria’s tail was delivered right to her hands, why would she decide to let it go?

Xandria’s face had completely changed. Her feigned arrogance had been completely disintegrated by Nicole.

Now that the truth was exposed, how could she dare to continue staying here?

Xandria’s body began to shiver as her lips turned pale.

“Nicole… Ms. Stanton, I understand. I’ll go back to work.”

To the side, Logan wanted to give Nicole a big thumbs up.

Sure enough, when it came to dealing with a woman, one would need an even more powerful woman!

Nicole was not only capable in work matters, but she was also very adept in dealing with scheming b*tches like Xandria.

She was truly worthy of admiration.

After Xandria left, Nicole turned and asked Logan, “Has the appointment with Mr. Lewis been set tonight?”

“Yes, it’s in a holiday villa. Mr. Zimmer will be accompanying him.”

Nicole nodded. “Let Jacob participate.”

The drinking party was specially arranged for Jacob.

There was no reason for him not to show up!

Logan instantly understood and immediately informed Jacob. “By the way, The Single has gained enough hype, and the sales department is ready. If there are no problems, it’ll be officially launched tomorrow according to the plan.”

Nicole raised her brows and breathed a sigh of relief. The Single was her most anticipated New Year project. All kinds of hype gathered together, so there was no reason it was not popular.

If only Eric Ferguson was not included in the hype, it would be even more perfect!


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