The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 701

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 701 – As soon as the shooting started, everyone consciously shut up and became silent.

The environment of the meeting room was already solemn. With Eric’s aura, even the interviewer felt pressured.

Toto was just about to walk out when he watched Eric raise his hands and put them on the table.

Eric sat there. He looked stern and weary, and his breath had a strong coldness.

However, everyone clearly spotted that on Eric’s hands that were folded together on the table, there was a ring on his left ring finger.

The Single!

Toto froze.

The moment Toto hesitated, he suddenly met Eric’s dark and cold line of sight. He shivered and did not dare to stay longer, then ran out in silence.

Toto only sighed in relief after going out.

The ring finger on the left hand represented marriage.

The Single was a ring designed by Stanton Corporation for single people, but Eric actually wore it on his ring finger?

He was really crazy about Nicole!

However, he would not have to worry about it soon. Once the media released the interview video, everyone would see the ring on Eric’s hand.

This was something that no amount of advertising money could buy.

In Stanton Corporation.

Nicole was busy in the office after coming back from Milan.

She really admired how Grant could work tirelessly like a machine.

Just after the meeting, Nicole was about to take a nap when Logan came in with a stack of materials.

She knew that it was a luxury to be able to rest.

“President, there’s new recruitment information from HR. This time, we recruited three graduates who studied abroad. These are their resumes.”

Nicole raised her brows. She always liked to see newcomers join because she liked seeing the clean and blank pieces of paper slowly becoming invincible and powerful.

Just like Tucker. He could already be in charge of a section now.

When J&L’s project was finished, there was no doubt that the position in the finance department was his.

Nicole lifted a page and casually asked, “This year’s recruitment season hasn’t started yet, right?”

“Yes, but several people resigned in the company, so their positions were left vacant. They also needed to supplement new blood for the follow-up, so they picked three outstanding graduates from abroad.”

Nicole flipped to the last page and paused.


Her resume looked quite pretty, but compared to the previous two, it was still a large gap. It was superficial and had no advantage.

“Has our bar been set so low now?”

Nicole believed that any random resume in the pile would be better than this one.

Logan pursed his lips and hesitated.

“Ms. Xandria…”

“Say it.”

Logan gritted his teeth. “Ms. Xandria’s qualifications are only enough for the starting positions. The HR interviewer told me that she took out a family photo with you during the interview, saying that she was your cousin. She also called the Chairman on the spot and called him uncle…”

Nicole closed her eyes and rubbed her brows, suddenly feeling like her mind was a mess.

How annoying!

This Xandria really had no self-awareness at all.

Logan looked at her expression and asked tentatively, “President, HR is at a loss as well. They don’t know what they should do with Ms. Xandria…”

Stanton Corporation never kept idle people. Everyone with positions was capable.

As for Xandria, she was clearly defective.

Nicole paused. Her face was expressionless.

“Follow the normal procedures. The internship period is one year. Make her leave if she’s unqualified at any time. Let her run the project.”

Logan froze. The project team was the hardest job!

“On her level, letting her go to a small company might be better, but over here…”

Nicole smiled. “This isn’t a place for people to enjoy retirement. Accepting her admission here is the limit. If she’s still not satisfied, there’s no need to force her to stay.”

Logan instantly understood. Not forcing her to stay meant that Xandria could be asked to leave.

“Yes, I’ll arrange it right away.”


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