The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 694

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 694 – In the new year, Grant went to work earlier than everyone else. He went to the office two days in advance to arrange things.

Nicole declined the invitation to go to work together on the pretext that she had to accompany Julie abroad to find Roman.

The two ladies and Kai toured around for two days before they followed Julie to Milan.

Since Roman inexplicably disappeared on New Year’s Eve and did not answer his phone, Julie did not take the initiative to contact him.

However, the strange thing was that Roman did not take the initiative to contact Julie either.

Only then did Julie start to suspect that Roman was hiding something from her.

When Nicole and Julie decided to go to Milan to find Roman, Kai jumped up and down in excitement and insisted on going together. No one was able to stop him.

Nicole saw through Kai’s motive at a glance, but fortunately, Julie was not in the mood to wrangle with him. The three of them went to Milan by plane.

After getting off the plane.

Julie’s expression was getting more unpleasant by the minute. She knew which hotel Roman was staying in, and she could also contact his friends at any time.

However, she did not want to startle him.

At the entrance of the hotel, Kai was strangely excited. “Do you want me to ask which room he’s in?”

Nicole looked at Julie. “Or do you want to call and ask where he is?”

Julie looked conflicted for a moment.

“No need. I booked him a suite in this hotel for a year. He won’t be anywhere else.”

With Roman’s spending habits, he could not afford to spend on more expensive hotels.

Then, after showing her membership card, Julie led the Stanton siblings to the elevator.

Nicole and Kai exchanged a glance. To be honest, Nicole was a little excited.

That was because she vaguely felt that things might not be that simple.

This scene looked as if they were about to expose adultery!

When they reached the private room upstairs, Julie regained her composure. She pressed on the doorbell.

After pressing it a dozen times in a row, the person inside finally got a little impatient.

An enchanting foreign girl wearing a s**y silk nightdress opened the door, sleepy-eyed and extremely impatient.

“Who is it? I said no room service..”

The woman’s neck was exposed, dotted with ambiguous red marks.

Julie, Nicole, and Kai stood dumbfounded at the door.

Even if they had been mentally prepared, they still found this scene somewhat unacceptable.

After all, the three of them were quite innocent…

The foreign girl in the room looked at the trio in confusion. She frowned slightly when she saw Nicole and Julie, but her eyes lit up when she saw Kai.

Kai’s face instantly darkened, completely disgusted. His expression was very glum.

Suddenly, a familiar, lazy, and awful voice came from inside. “Who is it? Hurry up and come back. Do you want to go on stage or not?”

It was Roman!

The foreign girl froze and turned his head to ask him, “Did you call someone else to join us?”

In a daze, Kai kicked the door open with an extremely nasty expression.

“Get outta here!”

His voice shocked the people inside for a moment.

The person inside hurriedly got dressed, seemingly a little nervous.

“Who is it…”

As soon as Roman revealed himself and saw the three people, he instantly froze.

His face turned pale.

Nicole was taken aback. In the few times they met, she had felt that Roman was a rare upright and transparent person.

How could he do such a thing when he was dating Julie?

Nicole was doubtful when they knocked on the door, but when she saw Roman in person now, she had no choice but to believe it.

The atmosphere was silent and tense.

The next second, a second woman came out from the room..


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