The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 688

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 688 – “Yes, yes. I know that you look down on us for being poor, Nicole, but we’re still a family. Why are you so aggressive?”

They still had to bite the bullet and deny it.

Everyone looked at them and then at the cold-faced Nicole.

To the side, Noah coughed twice. “Nicole, don’t be willful. Why are you throwing a tantrum tonight? We’re all relatives here!”

Nicole pursed her lips and laughed softly.

“I know, Uncle Noah. It’s because we’re relatives that my father and brothers are staying up and accompanying everyone to celebrate the New Year instead of sleeping It’s because we’re relatives that we’re using the best things to entertain them and prepare elaborate gifts. However…”

Her tone changed as she looked at the two women.

“Sorry, but if being relatives means that we can hurt each other, then I’d rather disown them.”

In an instant, the room became even more silent.

No one except Nicole and the two women knew what happened.

“What exactly happened?”

“Yeah, what’s going on? Nicole was fine all night. Why did she suddenly get angry?”


Nicole looked at the two flustered women and narrowed her eyes. “You’re not going to say, huh?

The two women said, “What… What did we say? We didn’t do anything.”

Nicole smiled. She already gave them a chance. Since they did not want to admit it, then they could not blame her for being discourteous.

She sneered and looked at Kai. “Third Brother, I remember that there’s a surveillance camera in the back garden, right? Pull up the footage.”

In the Stanton Mansion, there were no blind spots for monitoring in the public areas.

That was why Nicole was not worried about them refusing to admit it.

The two women stiffened fiercely, and their faces instantly turned white.


However, it was already too late.

Nicole turned around and left.

Kai’s face was gloomy as he went to get the surveillance footage.

No one was in the mood to play cards anymore.

A few minutes later.

The conversation in the video was laid out in front of their eyes.

Floyd’s expression darkened at a speed visible to the n***d eye. He shook in forbearance, and his eyes flashed with ruthlessness.

In the living room, there was no other noise except the smug voices of the two women in the video.

The two women who were already guilty suddenly fell to the ground.

“Nicole, we were just talking. It was all speculation. We weren’t trying to hurt you…”

“Yes, Nicole. We didn’t mean any harm. We’re all relatives. It’s nothing much if we say a few words.”


There was a loud bam.

Grant’s face was austere and chilly as he kicked the chair in front of him.

His patience all night had reached its limit at this moment.

The atmosphere in the living room was frigid.

Everyone was instantly frozen. Their faces paled as their expressions turned ugly.

Although they had little contact with the Stantons, they relied on the Stantons to make a living. Whenever they had difficulties, Floyd would always stick by them and help them.

However, everyone knew that in the Stanton family, only Floyd was willing to pay attention to them.

Floyd’s children did not have much affection for them. After Floyd stepped down as the head of the family, his children would not care whether they lived or died.

Floyd’s purpose for the annual gathering was for them to build up relations with his children. This was an opportunity for them.

They could not and dared not lose the support of the Stanton family. Unexpectedly, two short-sighted women ruined the already slim connection between them.

Floyd gnashed his teeth in anger.

The people on the side looked to the grand-aunt, who could only brace herself and walk up to Nicole.

She pulled Nicole’s hand and sighed.

“Nicole, they’re all your elders and they’re just more outspoken, so don’t take it to heart…”


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